Storytelling – An effective method to teach English

I have heard many stories in English and I think this is a pretty effective method for teaching English, especially with elementary students. Therefore, teacher should exploit this. In addition, elementary students’ psychology is much more complex than high school students’. Their psychology is expressed clearly through action and nuance (interesting or boring), and it can encourage teachers or make them have no interesting in the lesson. The teacher needs to give more creativity in telling stories to stir the atmosphere, requires the thinking of children. It requires children have to be the active audiences in percepting the story thanked to teacher’s verbalization. Firstly, they will imagine a picture in their mind of what they are being heard. Then, they can imagine what will happen next. From that, they can give some comments on characters (good or bad ).

In the process of telling, teacher should give some typical pictures in series with keywords and phrases and can mix some interesting singing sentences. When you finish, you can ask some opened questions to encourage students to make their own answers. For example, “what will you do if …?” After hearing the story, you may ask students to change the end of the story, share with peers or take the conversation to a point in the story in English. You can dress, make up as the characters in the story or decorate classroom in the context of the story. In addition, the teacher should have the basic knowledge of a storyteller as loud and soft voices (the voice which is changed lowly or highly according to situation) and it is different voices for different characters , using mime and gesture.

In short, the teacher who tells story to students, brings a lot of benefits. Students can incarnate the characters, storyline and plot. Besides, children can both learn and play game through new words, familiarize and practice grammar. Moreover, this activity also helps children more confident in their ability of language. When they are getting better, they can improve cognitive ability and use English in the fact later.

Thanks for your reading and I hope that you will give me your comments.


One thought on “Storytelling – An effective method to teach English

  1. Hi, huong!
    Thanks for your sharing
    this is an easy to understand. your grammar is very good. Howerver it is not little logical. And i think you analyze clearly benefit of improving listening and speaking skill for students. You should you should give more details about some solutions that you have ever presented . For example, how to motivate students? Moreover, you wrote ” I think that I will try to apply this teaching method in each lesson in the future” in the conclusion part. I wonder what is the teaching method which you choose to teach students ? It is a very vague conclusion. i hope that your comment will help your writing become better.

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