English 3/Lesson 1/Unit 18: storytelling: color of the rainbow

Micro-teaching: storytelling

The story: Colors of the rainbow

This story  with simple and short sentences are used in warm up part of Lesson 1, Unit 18 (Page. 154-156, TIẾNG ANH 3 – NXB GD & MOET). The purpose is not only to wake up students  but also to lead to new lesson and teach new vocabulary and new term of grammar structure.

Group member: Duong Thi Lien

                            Tran Thi Thu Hoai

                            Dinh thi Hien

                            Nguyen Dieu Ngan

                            Hoang Thi Hau

Lesson plan: Primary school teaching (1)

 Link video on youtubeThe story: colors of the rain bow


11 thoughts on “English 3/Lesson 1/Unit 18: storytelling: color of the rainbow

  1. thanks for your useful sharing about the storytelling lesson.
    I like the voice of the teacher 🙂 and the way she use to instruct students to pronounce new words, the way she use the pictures to teach sts. i think after the storytelling your sts will like the story very much, they will get the memory about the words related to colors and the structure ” what color/ what colors…?” and also educate them the love through the lesson
    But, you should notice more about the qualities of the video, it’ vaporous. it’s difficult to view and have patient to finish your video.
    I think your post is very helpful like an experience for us to teach children better.

  2. Thank for your sharing.
    Your lesson combined variants teaching methods picture, storytelling, role play… It is good teaching lesson. Here I have some ideas to comment to your video. The quality of this video is quite low so it very difficult to follow. You should give more attention about this thing. Furthermore, in the task of put the order of these colors picture is seem to be needed to check the memory of student. However, in this video, you should cover the sample picture which has colorful of rainbow before ask student do it. It will give challenge to students and more attractive.

  3. Hi !!
    After seeing your video and reading your post, I want to give some comments.
    First, about your lesson. In general, I think it is quite good. I love teacher’s voice very much. She uses changes in her voice effectively. It is very attractive and easy to listen. I also love the ways she uses pictures and flashcards to teach and tell story. However, I think the teacher should practice more to make the voice softer and more flexible.
    Second, about the lesson plan. It is very detailed. It involves all steps that you plan to teach. However, in your writing I found one mistake. That is the word “ pronoun”. I think it should be “ pronounce”. Moreover, I think it is not really necessary to add very detailed purposes.
    That’s my ideas about your post. Thank you !!

  4. Hi! I have just seen your video. I want to say thank you for it. It is an interesting video about using story telling in teaching for children. I have some comments for you. Firstly, I really like teacher’s voice. It is so sweet. And I think that teacher’s voice is the factor I like most in this video. Moreover, I also like the way she use picture to introduce the new word, which make Ss understand easily. In addition, the teacher has a good pronounciation. However, I also see some bad point in your video. Firstly, the quality of video is too low, I can’t see clearly. Specialy, It seem that teacher is center in this lesson. You should create more activities for Ss. That’s my opinion about your video.

  5. yeah! i am impressed by the teacher’s vioice 🙂
    you use pictures to teach new words. it’s effective because Ss will be easy to understand and remeber. teacher repeat the structure many times ” what color is it?”. it help Ss remember and easy to follow. may be like a chant. teacher has a soft and sweet voice. it makes Ss comfortable.
    However your group should notice about the video’s quality. it’s hard to see. specially, the lesson do not have many activities for Ss. jusst focus on the teacher
    that’s all about my ideas

  6. Thank you for this video. I find it really useful and interesting. After seeing this video, I have some comments for you. Firstly, the pictures that the teacher uses is quite interesting and useful, Besides this, there is good interaction between the teacher and the teacher for example, the teacher often asks the children, which makes them to concentrate on the lesson well. Moreover, the teacher’s voice is sweet, which makes the relationship between the teacher and children more friendly and closed-knit. However, there is no change in the teacher’s voice. So the teacher should combine various voice according to the each part of the lesson. Furthermore, the way the teacher orgarnizes the activities is also very good for the children to follow. In addition, the way the teacher teaches is really good. Besides the good points there is the bad points for example the video is not clear for people to see. I think you should improve the quality to make it clear another time. Thank for your interesting video. Thank you very much.

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  8. hi i am Nhung, thanks for your group’s sharing. it is an interesting story, especially the way you tell it. using doll to tell is a creative and effective way to tell. the teacher has a nice voice, it is suitable for children. before telling the story, teaching new words is necessary, teach the meaning of words, how to pronounce them. you also use picture effectively, student can easily to realize colors and remember them. after teaching, you checked student by asking them retell the story, it is quite good. however, the quality of your video is not good, it is hard to watch. the next time you should choose another equipment to do better. furthermore, teacher is central, student follow teacher a lot. it is my opinion, thanks!

  9. hi!!!
    thanks for your video. Firstly, I like your video very much. It’s very interesting and useful to use pictures in teaching new words. Moreover, I like your way which you ask students repeat new words and structures. However, your quality of your video is not quite good because it’s too slow. Your voice of teacher is sweet but I think teacher should change her voice to make impression. I’t is my idea about your video.

  10. hello,
    thanks for your sharing. It’s really an interesting and useful video about Kids teaching english. I’m really impressed by the voice of the teacher that is so sweet. Your good voice will be a strength that attracts students; attention in the class.
    Besides, you are also well -prepared for your lesson with many flashcards and puppets to teach new words for children.Of course, students like it so much.
    But the teacher should notice to the way of performing on the board. it does not include the title of the lesson. clearly, everyone must to guess it. – color, right?
    what’s about the procedure? it’s quite difficult to regconize the main steps in this lesson, because you also lack of subtitle for each part such as: listen as repeat or listen and talk.
    the teacher asks students to repeat the newwords several times and asks them some question, she also uses puppets to make a model, and then ask students to roleplay. i like this activity because it can motivate students’ interests . As a result, in this lesson, students can read exactly seven new words about color and the structure What color is it and What color are they.
    However, ae you sure that after this lesson, students can remember that? maybe They can not. Because there is not a variety of activities for them to practise in this lesson, Clearly, students can only remember something if they repeat them many times,
    therefore, it’s better for you add some activites. for example, you can find a song with the simple rthym about the topic” color “to teach children or a short story in the same topic so that students can practice again and again.
    they are some my sugession for your lesson.
    thanks for caring,

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