Storytelling “The Four Friends”


2 thoughts on “Storytelling “The Four Friends”

  1. Hi there!
    Awesome! ^_^ I am keen on your video very much, to be honest! After watching this video, I have to say that you do very well in both teacher and student roles.In addtion, I can take in your messages in this one at first hand!
    Especially, I like the teacher in terms of her voice, her language, and even her method. I have to say that the teacher have explained clearly and fully about this story for the students, I mean kids. I really like the way she used body language to express some words like “scared”, and “flew” because it is very interesting for kids. Meanwhile, she also called out the student to respond or react the action which she did. That’s very creative. All of the pictures in the story were told and described throughly. I realized that in the first part she helped the students imagine the story by acting as one character in the story themselves.
    What I want to stress is that the interaction between student and teacher was quite appropriate and friendly! That’s reason why her students were excited for the story and supported her like that.
    I cant believe that i can lean a lot of thing from all of you. Not only the teacher and the student had many ways to express the story in your own way. I like that! I think while telling a story, we can use body language, voice and something like that to help student take in the story. Furthermore, this may motivate English skills and make student excited with lesson!
    Thank u so much

  2. Thank for your sharing, I have seen your video, it is very interesting. After watching this video, I think that the story attract student’s action very much, they focus on these picture on the board, listen to the teacher. it is the best way to teaching English for young learner. The teacher have good voice, active and enthusiasm, her language is very clear and strong. The teacher described the action effectively, she used body language to express some word like “scared”, and “flew”, it is very excited for children, After that she aked some students go to the board to describe again.
    The story is “the four friends”, the teacher prepares the picture and asks the student to role play, this is a good method to image and pratice follow. What i want to say is that the interaction between the teacher and the student was very clearly and friendly. They have exchange to understand the story, and throughtout the teacher want to give student a message: “the friedship is very important”.
    I hope that after watching your video, the teachers will use more body language, gesture and eyes contact in storytelling to teaching English for children., as a tool in classroom management.!!!

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