Storytelling is an useful and necessary activity to children of learning. I know that it not only develops children’s imagination but also create an interesting atmostphere which help them be more comfortable after learning.
The most benefit of storytelling is increased knowledge in children.The context or character of the stories to teach children the vocabulary, structure or pronunciation which are very meaningful for them. Moreover, storytelling also help children to develop language skills in classroom and children learn to words or phrases in sentences and paragraphs.
Through story children can get to know about many places or life or any relationships, etc. All the stories are informative to chidren and have to happen some characters, maybe good or bad. However, they will help children to have any idea and also allow them to know about their culture. Children can develop their earns and english language sound. Therefore it helps them feel interesting and learn the lesson easily.
In addition, storytelling helps to develop speaking skills by encouraging children to express the ideas and their thought. Teacher should prepare some pictures, songs, games or video which relate to this story that children are very active, intelligent and humorous.It makes them relax and encourages their participation in different activities. Storytelling is useful in cultural education that is the best way to children in language learning process. The most important thing storytelling can help children to reduce stress when you are tired.
By storytelling, children can improve some skills: monologue skill, dialogue skill, listening skill.
In conclusion, I realize that storytelling is a method that is not only exciting but also effective to children and is an important method in teaching English for children. Thus, teacher should choose suitable method to teach children get high efficiency.


One thought on “Storytelling

  1. After reading your writing, i have some comments for you !
    Firstly, thanks for your sharing about Storytelling, and i aslo agree with some ideas: it is very useful and help the class become interesting, comfortable, it also helps student improve their skills, reduce stress …
    Secondly, i think you should make your writing more clearly and maybe, some suggests or some new ideas, good way to use Storytelling in classroom more effective. You can add some advices for teacher to use them better, for example, about teacher’s personality, method, knowledge, …
    There are some ideas. I hope it will be useful and your writing will be better .

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