Storytelling: “TWO FRIENDS AND A BEAR”

1. Nguyễn Thị Mai

2. Nguyễn Hồng Nhung



–         Objective:

–         Skill: After the lesson, students will be able to:

+ Pronoun some new words and phrases.

+ Listening skill: listen to the story in detail and understand the content of the story.

+ Speaking skill: retell the story with teacher’s instruction.

–         Language:

+ Vocabulary: Students will be able to:

            Identify some new words and phrases

            Make simple sentences to describe the pictures to retell the story.

–         Education: educate students about friendship.

–         Materials: pictures, camera.



  1. Pre-teaching:


–         Greeting

–         Introduce the story: “Two friends and a bear”

–         Introduce 3 main characters: T shows the picture and asks sts to guess who is Mangal, who is Chandu and what is the animal.

–         Instructs sts pronoun words and checks.


  1. While-teaching:


–         T uses pictures to tell the story and pauses to explain new words and phrases.

–         Asks sts to guess what happen next.



–         Asks some sts to act as characters in the story.



  1. After teaching:

–         Asks sts to retell the story by describing pictures

–         Asks sts about the moral lesson.

–         Gives the message from the story.



–         Makes all sts pay attention to the lesson and the title of the story.

–         Helps sts know 3 main characters: Mangal, Chandu and the bear.




–         Helps sts know how to pronoun words and phrases in order to listen easily



–         Helps sts memorize each section of the story and imagine easily.


–         Keeps all sts listening together and enjoy the story.


–         Helps sts understand the story more and interested in listening the story.





–         Makes sure that sts listen well and remember the main points.

–         Helps sts learn a meaningful lesson from the story.




 link youtube:



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