Hello there! 🙂
Do you like telling the story? You say “yes”, you say “no”. And we have to say ” of course”.
After we finished this task, we jumped for joy because we were really interested in listening and studying English through the story. When my group watched this video, we laughed and chatted about it through and through. I have to say that I am really into it!!!
My group has: 1. Le Thi Hue
2. Ma Thi Hien
3. Diem Thi Thu Thuy
4. Nguyen Thi Van
5. Nguyen Thi Thuy Van
Let’s enjoy and feel free to comment!

Lesson Plan: lesson plan

Content of story:Story



2 thoughts on “Storytelling: GOLDILOCKS and THE THREE BEARS

  1. Hello! First of all, thank for your group sharing! you gave me an interesting video about teaching English for young learners by storytelling. Through your video, I want to give some my comments for your group. Firstly, the teacher- Ms. Hue knew how to teach English for young learners by using a story. It was expressed through all steps she taught such as T introduces the name of the story: “The story is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”; T asks Ss to repeat twice time the words “Goldilocks” and “three bears”; T asks Ss to see the picture on the board and asks some questions; T introduces the characters of the story by pointing at the picture…Secondly, your group has a good preparation. I mean that you choosed a suitable and interesting story for kids. The story’s content is easy for young learners to understand and it doesn’t have too much new vocabularies. From my personal view, both this content and vocabularies are enough for the age. Moreover, your group prepared beautiful and colorful pictures related to your story. I like them so much. The last and the thing I like most is the teacher’s voice. Ms.Hue has a soft and clear voice which is reasonable to teach young learners.That’s all my comments.

  2. Thank you so much! I think it is very useful comments. I’m very glad to hear that! There some mistakes such as my pronounciation, linking words…, but i will try to improve it next times. thank you again!

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