The story: The Greatest Treasure ( the edit)

Story : The greatest treasure 

This is our group’s story. thanks for your seeing and reading

hope you’ll learn something from our post and we’d be glad if you give your comments.

Lesson plan:     Story  (to read)



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Hồi nhỏ xấu xí, hay nói hay cười Lớn lên, nói ít, cười nhiều nhưng vẫn xấu... ♥ =)) __lonely Lion___

One thought on “The story: The Greatest Treasure ( the edit)

  1. Hello guys. I’m really impressed by your story. Firstly, Let’s me talk about classroom first. It’s very very beautiful and bright with baloon, picture, decorated board and flowers. The teacher in your video makes me feel interested in. She has a good voice, good pronouncitaion and good body language. She prepared vocabulary carefully before telling story. This step is very important, it helps students understand clearly about story. Besides, she used pictures to teach vocabulary about animals which students rarely see in real life.
    After telling story, she asked students to arrange pictures in order of the story. This step helps teacher to check students’ understanding about this story.
    Your story telling lesson was very successful. In near future, can I reference your story in my lesson. Please reply my answer here. Thanks a lot!

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