Turtle and Rabbit

Story: Turtle and Rabbitt

 Group members:

  1. Nguyen Mai Xuyen
  2. Ha Thi Thanh Huong
  3. Do Thi Lan

Lesson Plan: Storytelling “Turtle and Rabbit


Class: 3B


 -Knowledge: Students will be able to

+ Vocabulary: some new words related to animals: turtle, rabbit…. And the race: run, fast, slow , etc.….

–   Skills: Students will be able to

+ pronounce some words, phrases.

+ listening skills: listen to the story in details; understand the content of the story.

+ speaking skill: role play and perform.

+working together

– Education: educate children about the animals and their characteristics and give the meaning of the story for children : slow but sure.

Materials: Pictures, boards, books, camera, and puppets

Teacher’s activities


1. Warm up: greeting and sing the song: “5 little duck”.-asks Ss some questions related to the story.2. pre-telling- describes the turtle and rabbit by using the actions and puppets.

3. while-telling

-asks Ss to role play and describe the turtle and the rabbit

-compliments and gives the feed back

-explains some new words by using the pictures

-asks Ss to match the words with the correct picture

+ run

+finish line


+marathon race

-gives feedback

-asks Ss to guess and reorder the pictures in such a way that it has the same order with “Turtle and Rabbit” story.

-tells the story by using actions and puppets

-asks Ss to reorder the pictures again and give the feed back

– summarizes the story and checks the student’s understanding by asking some questions:

4. post- telling

+ Who is the faster? Rabbit

+ Who is the winner? Turtle

-gives the lesson which should be learned from this story: Slow but sure.

-stabilize the class-motivate Ss in new lesson-make a funny atmosphere-help Ss image the background of story

-remember new words quickly and deeply.

-pronounce clearly and exactly

-put Ss in real situation and help them brainstorming flexibility.

-pay attention in story and stimulate the spirit of working in pairs.

– develop skill of guessing meaning of words.

-make noise in class.

-check the children’s memory about the story to know how to understand and remember the content and characters of story.

-review and remember content of story more detail and specific.

-give an good experience lesson in their life.


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