Image Music plays an important role in our life because it benefits our emotional and physical health, enhances our spiritual experience and our enjoyment of life. Gernald Ford, former President, United States of America stated that: “Music education opens doors that help childrenpass from school into the world around them- a world of word, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music”. Furthermore, over last few years, the research has proven the advantages of music. On the other hand, it is identified that music is one of 7 main intelligent kinds. According to Rakey John (2001): “ the musician is constantly adjusting decisions on tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing, and feeling-training the brain to become incredibly good at organizing orchestration can have a great payoff for lifelong attentional skills, intelligence and ability for self-knowledge and expression”. As a result, the educators and administrators claimed that music is a significantly vital material in teaching and learning language. Using music to teach language, particularly English, is easy to attract the attention of students. The rhythm or tones of a melody can create an active and exciting atmosphere in class. Instead of boredom, students will be interested in the lesson because they will be more confident to perform their ability. Through a song, student will be provided amount of vocabulary which is often difficult to remember. Sometimes, children are possible forget the new words, but they only sing again the lyrics they learnt; the new word can recur immediately. When children sing a song aloud, not only pronunciation but also the intonation is increased dramatically. Moreover, singing a song also transfer the emotion, thinking, and imagination which express a part of cultural angularity. For example, in Vietnamese, the folk song such as Nu Na Nu Nong, Con Co, Inh La Oi and so on, there are some special words and unique images which only appear in the culture and life of the people living in Vietnam country. In conclusion, teacher of English should apply music to teach language in the hope that in case the expected outcomes would be fulfilled, this method could help students build up motivation as well as enhance their English learning.


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