Goldilocks and three Bears

Groups: Cam Tran Cam Anh | Ha Thi Van Anh | Lam Thi Hoai | Nguyen Thi Huong

Lesson plan:

1. Class description: 20 students (Ss) in grade 4.

2. Time: 12 minutes


– Skills: After the lesson, Ss will be able to: + know some new words | + retell a story.

 – Language: Ss will be able to: + know some vocabularies + + structures: It’s too..

4. Teaching aids: board, objects, cards.

5. Procedure

Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities


–   Asks Ss to guess the animal that teacher shows.

–   Introduces characters: Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear and Goldilocks.

–   Asks to guess name of the story.

–   Corrects the answer: the story’s name: Goldilocks and the three bears and asks them to repeat several times.


–   Tells the story with objects/

–   Asks them to guess “what does Goldilocks do when sees three bows of porridge on the table”.

–      Shows and asks Ss to listen and repeat some words:

+ bear

+ goldilocks

+ porridge (explains more carefully)

–      Uses actions to describe some activities and adjectives:

+ hot

+ cold


–      Asks Ss if they remember what Goldilocks said in the Bear’s house.

–      Retells the structures that Goldilocks used and asks them to repeat 1 to 2 times.

+ It’s too hot

+It’s too cold

+It’s just right

+It’s too hard

+It’s too soft

–      Game: gives Ss cards that written these structures and asks them to put these cards on the suitable objects.

Correct the answer


Guess the animal

Guess the name



Listen and repeat



Play game

Lesson plan

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One thought on “Goldilocks and three Bears

  1. Hello everybody! I’m Nhung. Thank you so much for sharing story. This is a meaningful and educative story for me. It makes a strong impression on me. A friendship can begin from an unexpected meeting somewhere or from helping each other. But in the story “Goldilocks and three bears”, the friendship between Goldilocks and a little bear start from a terrible situation. I realize that sometimes, forgiveness or tolerance can help us to have a beautiful friendship. You had a careful preparation for story. Your performance is quite good. You organized activities to motivate students. Thanks a lot. I hope you will have more interesting story to share.

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