Goldilocks and three bears


hello there!


One thought on “Goldilocks and three bears

  1. Hi, everyone.
    I am really interested in your video! I want to share my opinions about video.
    First, your lesson is good. You did very well in both teacher and student roles. Before telling story, you had a task (arranging pictures to guess content of story) which is very useful for students.
    The way the teacher started the story was not boring. While telling the story, teacher did very well with her voice, her body language, and also her method. She always changed her voice with intonation in order to suitable to each characters’voice. She have explained clearly and about this story for the students and teach new words by pictures. All of the pictures in the story were colorful that attracted kids a lot. The atmosphere of the class was really friendly.

    Thank you so much!

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