The three little pigs

Nguyễn Văn Dũng

Trần Thị Hằng

Đàm Quỳnh Dung

Trần Thị Yến


6 thoughts on “The three little pigs

  1. Hello!
    First of all I want so say thanks for your video. It is really helpful for us. I can see that the teacher owns a strong voice which is a very good element for teaching primary pupil. In addition, he is very enthusiasm to explain and give the instruction to his pupils. And pupils are very fond of his lesson. He also use many beautiful picture to attract pupils to the lesson, which is a good point. To sum up, your video is successful because you know how to motivate your pupils
    Once more time, thanks for your sharing this interesting video.

  2. Hi Dung’s group. My name is Thuong. When I watch your group video, I found out that it is very interesting. The content of the story is really attractive. You also use the pictures and decorate the blackboard which helps the lesson become livelier. Besides, the teacher has a loud voice which is clear and easy to hear.
    However, when you tell the story, I think that you should give more chance for students to involve the lesson such as Ss can feck the sound of animal, or they can retell the story by their own word.
    That is all of my comment, thanks for sharing.
    I am really looking forward your next post!

  3. Hi! My name is Xuan . Thank you for sharing!
    After watching the video, I think it is useful and interesting material for using in teaching . The story is very attactive, easy to understand. To lesson livelier, you decorate chalkboard and use color picture. It is a good point. Futhermore, teacher have a nice voice with intonation suitablely to understand. In addition, he is enthusiam and active . However, you should decrible picture to student and introduce character in this story in begining story to student can know some information about story. Another point, I think you should give student oppotunity to joint in this story such as guess content of story . When you tell story, you can base on picture to student can get easily.
    That is all my comment. Once more, thanks for your group’s sharing !

  4. Hello! My name’s My. About your video, I want to say that it is very interesting.
    first of all, the story is so attractive. It is a good idea when you use colorful pictures but you should describe about them. the other good point is using masks to express and define each character. However, you need to explain the structures and create some activities for students to have a effective lesson.
    In conclusion, your video is great. thanks for your sharing!

  5. hello! My name’s Ngan. i’d like give you some comments about this video. i find that it is very an interesting story. the characters of story are lovely and friendly. bedides, the content is quite good because it is not only close but also humorous that makes students to aquire faster. besides, it is meaningful video for me as well as the English teacher in the future. it is a model lesson for me to refer to my lesson. it is one of the best way to teach English for the young learners. about the quatity and sound of the video is good and i really like it. thanks for you reading!

  6. hello, thank you for your video. what an interesting video about storytelling. teacher is very cute and flexible while children are so lovely. the content is quite good. besides, there are some mistakes that you make such as pronunciation. you should make it clearer and do all the actions slowly because we are telling story for children so it maybe difficult for them to understand and follow your story. anyways, thanks so much.

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