How to develop multiple intelligences


After learning the first lesson of “English teaching primary” subject, I got more knowledge about the subject, especially is multiple intelligences. I feel that developing multiple intelligences is really important. When teachers teach primary students, they should identify which kind of intelligence their students are. By this way, they can choose the suitable teaching methods to improve teaching quality.

Actually, there are 7 kinds of intelligences: Verbal/linguistic intelligence: Logical/mathematical intelligence, Spatial/visual intelligence, Bodily- kin aesthetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence. Firstly, we talk about Verbal/linguistic intelligence. Students who belong to this kind of intelligence always tend to be sensitive to word, sounds and the use of language. They prefer to listen, speak, and analyze language as well as explain things to other students. With these students, teacher should give chance to students to compose simple pomes, songs, or make some short conversation with friends. Besides, students should be encouraged to express their own opinions by both written and oral form. Secondly, Logical/mathematical intelligence consists of people who good at working with number and following argument. Teacher should give the exercises which are related to perform mathematical calculation. Moreover, Teacher should use diagram or tree diagram to teach them. Thirdly, People who belong to Spatial/visual intelligence have an ability to understand the visual world. They have a rich imagination which can create new things in their mind. To help children with spatial/ visual intelligent learn, teacher should using book with a lot of visual, or teaching the new words through pictures. In addition teacher can encourage students to imagine. Fourthly, Bodily- kin aesthetic intelligence is those people who have ability to use body and hand the object. They can learn well when they take part in active activities like dancing, playing sports. The next type is musical intelligence. Children with musical intelligence always prefer hearing and making sound in music. They like singing, playing musical instrument….When teaching these students, teacher should pay attention to using song, video. Because the melody of song make them feel interested in learning. Teacher can let students compose music. The sixth type is Interpersonal intelligence. Children of this type can understand and work well with other people. Therefore, teacher can organize group activities to help students corporate with other students. The last type is Intrapersonal intelligence. Children with intrapersonal intelligence can understand themselves, so that controlling their own behavior is quite easy. To help these students, teacher help them analyze what they have leant, or give them private space through learning process.

To sump up, I recognize that it is necessary to understand MIs which strongly help teacher to teach primary school students. I hope that my share can provide useful information for you. I know that my writing has some grammar mistakes. Anyway, thanks for reading


2 thoughts on “How to develop multiple intelligences

  1. Thanks for provide us some more information about the kind of of MIs. All we need to know, I think, is that the important of MIs and what we should do, as a teacher, to classify and develop the children’s own ability.
    I’ve just found this one. And I want to share to you.
    “Everyone is a genious. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
    -Albert Einstein-

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