According to experts, psychology of children especially children aged 1 to 12 years old would like to hear stories.  The main purpose of storytelling is to develop speaking and listening skill of students, improve, extend the vocabulary and develop the logical thinking.

Storytelling is a very special reading form. It requires children to be active readers in the way of listening and understanding the story. Typically, children are often focus when listening to stories. In addition, when listening to any story by teacher, children are very happy and excited. This is difficult to achieve with other activities because as  you know kids cannot concentrate for a long time. Moreover , this activity also helps children to become more confidence in their language’s ability.

Choosing a suitable story is very important. Choosing a story is available or to write a story. When teacher choose available story, please pay attention to the age of students and language level of the children. You can use a well-known fairy tale, a strange story, a funny story or any story you feel that it is suitable with the students. In the story, the writer often use short and simple sentences with simple words. It is easy for students to understand and remember them.

When telling story, teacher should use some things to support such as pictures, objects, puppet, etc to describe characters, situations and enhance students’ imagination about story. Teacher is also a instructor to help children to take part in some activities related to the story. They help the storytelling process to become more attractively and vividly.

In short, using storytelling is one of the most effective methods to teach English for children. According to storytelling, children can improve vocabulary, pronunciation and develop speaking and listening skill.

Thanks for your reading and comments!


2 thoughts on “Storytelling

  1. i like your writting, content is quite interesting, thanks to reading your writting , i learn a lot of experience about organization of a writting, but there are some mistake about grammar, structure

  2. Hi !!
    After reading your writing , I want to say something. Firstly, I want to say thank you for sharing many useful ideas about telling story in the classroom. I agree wit you that children are always happy and excited when listening to a story.
    In your writing, you have metioned that story telling helps children become more confident in language’s ability. I’m not sure about this. I think you should add more evidences to illustrate your point by answering these two questions: “ how can story telling improve children language’s ability?”, and “ what should a teacher do to tell a story effectively to help students gain success in language’s ability?”.
    Moreover, I think you should add some information about the after telling story’s activities which teacher should use to check students’ memory and understanding about the story.
    That’s all my comments. Thanks for reading …

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