Storytelling in PELT

As we know, children enjoy listening stories very much because of some reasons such as stories are interesting, children like characters in these stories…  Listening to and retelling them are fundamental to early learning. Story telling enhances listening skills and helps children develop an ear for English language sounds. Besides, it helps develop speaking skills by encourage children to express their ideas in English. After listening stories, students remember the main points and retell them. They increase vocabulary and understand language structures included in stories. Moreover, children can understand the content of the story even if they don’t know any words in the story because teacher uses pictures, prompts and real objects. Children follow by doing some activities while the teacher is telling. They have to order pictures of story scenes act out parts of the story and make the sounds of some characters as it appear in the story. They draw characters or scenes from the story. These activities will make children pay attention to the story. The lesson should be fun, attractive and impressive in order to attract students. However, it is not really easy to have such a successful lesson. The teacher plays the most important role in the lesson. He must prepare carefully about stories, pictures, masks, and real objects. He not only tells the stories well but also organizes activities to involve the learners as much as possible. It is the key to a successful lesson because Total Physical Response can be used effectively. The technique works particularly well with stories in which sentence patterns are repeated. The teacher can stop the story sometimes and ask the children what they think is the going to happen next. They will feel excited when the teacher is telling. The teacher should change his voice when he is telling stories or asking questions. He should distinguish the differences between different animals in Vietnam and Britain if the stories are included these animals. To sum up, storytelling is one of the most effective methods to teach young learners vocabulary, listening skill and speaking skill. Moreover, it motivates students to learn English better.


One thought on “Storytelling in PELT

  1. Hi Mai !!! I’m Nhung. Thanks a lot for your post. I agree with you about viewpoints in storytelling. Almost children love listening to storytelling. So was I when I was a child. As you mentioned, storytelling is an effective way to help teachers in teaching English for children because of its benefits. For examples: improving speaking and listening skills, increasing vocabulary and so on. In addition, you showed that what a teacher have to do to have a successful storytelling lesson. Your writing is easy to understand. Thanks to your specific instructions and some suggestions, I know more about storytelling. Thank you so much.

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