Using songs and teaching songs for children_Nguyen Luong

Hi everyone,

After PELT lesson of this week, I was really motivated by the video and songs of Lien, Thieu, Son, Thao when they gave us an interesting story and 2 beautiful songs. To be honest, besides using storytelling, using songs with simple rhythms is another effective method to teach children. Through songs, teachers can improve their listening and speaking skills. When using this method, I believe that teachers can find out children who have music intelligence to develop their strength. Children have good ears, so tones, rhythms of a song will motivate them and pick them up into the lesson easily.

A song for starting or finishing a lesson is to teach or practice vocabulary and grammar, to help students illustrate topics, to have good pronunciation and some other reasons is to manage the class, motivate students or create a lively atmosphere in the language classroom. Our group decided to choose a song named “body song” to teach children when we teach children about the parts of the body. This is the lyrics of the song:

“Head, shoulders, knees and toes

That’s the way your body goes

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

That’s the way your body goes

Can you touch your head?

Can you touch your shoulders?

Can you touch your knees?

Can you touch your twinkle toes?”

Using this song, we can change the way to teach vocabulary about some parts of the body for children and they can be easy to learn and remember words such as head, shoulders, knees and toes… Four questions in the song are four commands to require children to do four actions. Therefore, we teach children to use the structure: “Can you…?” to ask someone do something. In addition, we can also improve children’s listening skill by using the tape recordings or videos. Since that, teach them pronounce words that consist of stress, linking sounds, ending sound, and intonation…for example, knees and toes, /ni:zænd tou/.Using this song, we can not only help children practice every day but also manage the class and motivate children before starting lesson. This song we use to teach children grade 3, 4 or 5. It’s very easy.

From my example, I think teachers can teach songs successfully if they choose good songs and use some methods. I am sure that you are wondering how to choose a good song? Yes. In my opinion, we will have a good song that has limited vocabulary and limited musical challenge which means it is easy to sing by simple tunes and rhythm. Another important technique is that teachers should use mime or gestures to explain about new words and combine the lyrics with actions.

Finally, I hope you will use this method to teach your students. Thanks for your attention.



2 thoughts on “Using songs and teaching songs for children_Nguyen Luong

  1. hi Luong, I am Nhung. thanks for your sharing. I have watched your video which you share the link. It is really interesting and suitable with young learners. The songs provides some vocabularies relating parts of our body. It is easy for students to identify what is head, shoulder, knees or toes. Furthermore, by the way using rhythms, students can easily to remember vocabulary. I agree with you that we can also improve students’ listening skill through using tape or recording. Some simple structure and grammar are also introduced in the song. In your song student can remember the structure to ask somebody can do something by starting with “can you….”. In addition, using songs can motivate student to learn better, especially after a short break or when they feel asleep. Luong, your ideas is quite interesting, I hope I can enjoy your ideas in the next time.

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