using songs or chant is very interesting in teaching language


What do you think if there is no music in your life?

It’s so boring or normal as it is being happened.

Of course, music is only a part of our life but with children, music plays an important role. Specially, it helps children learn a foreign language better and better. Imagining that you are a child and what will you choose when you learn some words by a song or only by reading and learning by heart. The songs in an interesting melody are better choice for all children. They all like music more at all. The songs make them comfortable, happy and help them easy to learn through the mood.

Music is really amazing tool for teaching languages. It helps children pick up vocabulary, grammar structures, and the rhythm of the language simply by doing what they already love to do…singing. Young learners will learn languages skills naturally. Music sets a mood with jazzy tune, sets a variety of activities, signal transitions for children and teachers. Music is used popularly in classroom for many functions. For example, you can use a song in the background to start the lesson. That makes your classroom warm and inviting, learners feel excited to start a new lesson. Moreover, you also can use songs or chants during the lesson. That’s effective way to teach vocabulary or structures with simple sentences which is repeated many times in the songs. Even as that playing music is the equipment to signal transitions for both students and teacher. Music also brings a new atmosphere for your classroom. Sometimes, your kids are so tired or sleepy, singing a song together helps them have more energy and easy to concentrate. Teaching a new language by playing music is a good way. With a song children easily sing it even when they don’t understand the lyrics, but in a simple mood they still sing it. Even if they aren’t ready to sing they will be able to do action with gestures that teachers and friends. And finally, singing a song is fantastic way to review the lesson in the class. You ‘re easy to sing a song for a long time, remember better.

To play a song in class you should remember some tips bellow. First, with a new song you need to introduce background or something around the songs such as vocabulary, gestures or even the story about this song. When teaching a song, the content is suitable to the level, the age of children. it’s showed the output, input clearly. Secondly, playing music for children is not only singing but also dancing, doing actions, do the gestures. Besides, in teaching a song you should use the visual aids if possible or make repetition skillfully in each class.

In conclusion, I think using songs, chant in Primary class is a great tool to help both students and teachers have effective period. The knowledge is given and absorbed naturally, the language skills also are practiced. Moreover, the learning environment is so warmer, excited and effective. Let try to use it in your class!


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2 thoughts on “using songs or chant is very interesting in teaching language

  1. Hi, Tram! I agree with your ideas. I also think that Music is as a good teaching aid which helps children learn a foreign language better and better as well as helps children entertain after school. About your first idea, “Music is really amazing tool for teaching languages”. Yes, teacher can use music to teach English vocabulary, structure and anything easily. With this way, children can learn and remember English vocabulary and structure faster and easier. Children will be interested in ryhme, tone of song or chant, and make Children pay attention the words appear in this song or chant and help them know what they will learn something today. therefore, a new lesson with music will help Children are enjoyed in learning English. With old teaching method, teacher only talks and writes, so children are difficult to understand all things teacher has taught at class. In addion, the teacher do not know what to do to help children can understand this lesson. because It is difficult to explain or describe something for Children. Music not only helps Children study English vocabulary and structure but also helps Children practice their listen skill. When using music to teach, the teacher will turn on the radio, music VCD/DVD or other teaching aids to Children listen. They will listen the song or chant many times to find out new word or new structure in this lesson. They will know how to pronounce new words correctly or use new structure of the lesson. Moreover, music also helps children entertain after school. thanks for your writing.

  2. Hi, Tram. First, I want to say thank you about your writing which is very useful. I like it.
    You’re right when say that “Music is really amazing tool for teaching languages. It helps children pick up vocabulary, grammar structures, and the rhythm of the language simply by doing what they already love to do…singing. ” It is really a powerful teaching tool for every teacher. We can use this method in any part of a lesson such as warm up with many different purposes (reviewing last lesson, introducing new lesson, teaching vocabulary or grammar, changing atmosphere of lesson…)
    Besides, I see many benefits of using storytelling when teaching as you show above and I totally agree with your ideas. When teaching a song in class, we should introduce background of the song such as vocabulary, or gestures. Yes, the content has to suitable to the level and the age of children. Of courses, we can not teach a song with long and difficult lyrics for students grade 3 or 4.
    Besides, using visual aids also is very good and effective to teach song. It helps students learn easily.
    Lastly, thanks you again about sharing.

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