English 3/ Unit 1/ lesson1: song recording: greeting song

This is my song with my own lyric. the song name “greeting song”. It can be used for lesson 1/ Unit 1/ English 3. It uses the rhyme from the “rain rain go away” song.

This song has simple lyrics which help students remember vocabulary about greeting such as: Hello, goodbye, thank you,…When teaching this song, teacher can use action to support for these words.

Song’s lyrics:

Say, say, say hello

And let’s smile in friendly way

Say thank you when you was asked

How, how , how are you?

Say, say, say goodbye

And let’s smile in friendly way

Wave your hand if you want to say

See, see, see you again.


YouTube: The greeting song.



One thought on “English 3/ Unit 1/ lesson1: song recording: greeting song

  1. Hi, Lien!
    I’m very happy after listening your song. Thank for your sharing! And then I have some comments for you.
    Firstly, I see that you are creative to use youtube to record your song. Besides the using only the lyris of song, you can insert the pictures, the words and so on. It’s good.
    Secondly, both vocabulary and structure of sentences in the song is very simple and easy for children to learn. I am sure that children love this song and learn quickly as they can.
    Thirdly, and this is best important thing, it is through teaching this song teacher can obtain the purpose of lesson as she gives before.
    And I have also one suggestion for you. Because your voice is soft, you should use head phones to record. I think it is esier for all children can listen clearly.
    Lastly, I want to say again Thank your sharing! :p

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