The benefits of songs

Hello everyone, today I would like to share my experiences after learning the lesson ” teaching English for young learners through songs” to you.

Music is an essential part in our life. If our life runs without music, sound and rhythm it is so boring. Thus, teaching English for primary student’s through song or chants makes them get knowledge better.

Firstly, using songs is an effective way for warm-up activity. The songs with vivid rhythm can motivate students participate in the lesson even shy ones. Moreover, the greatest benefit to using songs in the classroom is that they can be fun . They will feel interesting instead of the pressures when sitting in the classroom. Combining songs with videos, pictures can add fun to learning that all children care and like. Besides, it helps teachers get closer to their students at the beginning.

Secondly, the songs have big influence to learning English of young learners. For instance, through songs it enlarges the vocabulary background and improves grammatical points of students. Because songs have rhythm, sound so it can develop pupils’ listening and speaking skills and improve children’s pronunciation. Therefore, the songs help teachers create a lively atmosphere in the language classroom.

The next benefit is that songs help with classroom management. More mundane but absolutely crucial to a teacher is that putting on a song immediately attracts the attention of the class. All pupils join in with the actions and/or start to sing along. The teacher now has their attention if he/she did not before!

However, to use songs in teaching English effectively Teachers need to choose the song suitably and carefully. For example, this song should be limited vocabulary and musical challenge. It should not have many cultural differences between English and their first language. Moreover, the song’s content should be within the life experiences of children.

In conclusion, the songs bring a lot of benefits for both teachers and students in English classroom. Teachers ‘role is the instructor all activities in the classroom, so teachers need select a reasonable song for each lesson to help students get the best result in learning English by songs.







2 thoughts on “The benefits of songs

  1. Hello. I’m Nhu.
    Thanks for your writing. I think that after reading your writing, I have had more knowledge about benefits of using songs in teaching English for children. Your writing is not long; however, it involves most of useful information. You are right. Music is an important part in our life. It helps people relax and feel better and more comfortable. Therefore, using English songs in teaching English for kids is a smart way because songs can motivate and create interests for learners. It is believed that teaching is an art of education, so it requires teachers to have to have suitable methods and skills of teaching. You show many benefits of using English song. I agree with you. However, I think that to get those ones, teachers also have skill of teaching English song. In my opinion, your writing would be better if added some basic strategies of teaching English for kids through songs.
    I hope that my suggestions can help your writing be better.

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