Song and English

Using song to teach English is a great way because of many reasons. Song is a great way to give students intensive repletion of target language items. Songs are great for pronunciation practice. Songs can help students learn intonation, elision etc. Songs provide rhythm and melody that are easy to remember. Songs give the students become active in the learning, etc.


What about student?
They can learn quicker and better.
They can remember longer.
They can use rhythm and intonation when speaking easier.
What about songs?
The song can be clear and suitable for the age of student.
The students can understand the meaning of the song.
The words of song are easy to remember.
The words and structures in the song are similar to those students learned in and outside the class. In other word, the songs should base on the content of the lesson students have been learning.


Teaching English through songs is not easy as I thought, especially after I watched the teaching songs of two groups in the lass. It is not simple that teacher gives the song and students learn and know how to sing this song beautifully. Sing the song is a part of this process. The main purpose of the teaching English through songs is teaching English, not teaching song.

There are many elements that teacher should concern when using songs to teach English. From a song, teacher can use for many aims, with many methods, different times or even different ages. These depend on the objectives of the lesson as well as the methods of the teacher.


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