Telling story in primary school – The Lion and the Mouse (video)

telling story in primary school

This video is about telling story – The Lion and the Mouse.

Made by:

  • Tran Mai Linh
  • Nguyen Ha My
  • Vu Thi Thao
  • Nguyen Thi Thoa
  • Tran Thi Thuy

One thought on “Telling story in primary school – The Lion and the Mouse (video)

  1. Hello, young student teachers. I’m Lien. I’ve just watched your video of ” The Lion and The Mouse”. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on this good video. It’s really an interesting story with children’s favourite characters ” the lion and the mouse”. You did a very good job when trying to have students involve in the story by having students guess the main characters in the story; asking them some questions like ” Show me your head? ” to raise the interaction between teachers and students; and explaining the new words at the same time with that pictures. However, I think your storytelling will be more perfect if you add some more activities while or after telling story for students to do. Some more activities here can be ordering the pictures, raising the flashcard while telling, etc. This activities can ensure that students follow the story and motivate them a lot. One more thing is that every stories has their own lesson to the reader, the viewers. So, why don’t you give the meaning or the message from this story to students to help them raise their awareness of the problems relating to your story.
    That’s just some my ideas about your video. Thank you so much for your good story !

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