Games – good way in teaching English for kids

Hello. My name is Nhu. This is my writing. Thanks for spending time on reading my writing and giving me your comments.

Teaching is not an easy work. It requires teachers to have skills of teaching, specially in teaching foreign languages. And one of difficulties that teachers meet is lack of motivation for the students to learn English because they are not exposed to hear and practice English all the time. To better this problem, teachers should have use songs and games in teaching process to enhance the learners’ interests.

Students learn better when they have the feeling that they are making progress. This happens when the atmosphere in the classroom is exciting and friendly. There are many activities that create this atmosphere, and game is one of them. Playing a game is a great way to repeat the materials and help learner to learn better. We know that game is an easy way of learning without being bored. And learning will not become boring. Generally, games have been shown to have advantages and effectiveness in learning vocabulary in various ways. Learners learn and remember new words and structure more easily. Firstly, it is believed that games bring relaxation and fun for learners. Children will not feel stressful. Secondly, games usually involve friendly competition and they keep students interested.

Depending on age and grade at which students are, teachers can choose games that are suitable for them. Teaching English through games is also up to teaching purpose. Games are very various. With each game, they have  their own rules. However, to primary school students, there are some basic methods in teaching English through games that teachers should pay attention such as:

–         teach them in the most natural and simple way

–         use body languages to help students understand more the way of playing

–         smile (learners will feel more comfortable, not be imposed)

–         repeat, repeat and repeat (because children remember easily, but also forget easily)

–         do not forget purpose of teaching English through games Conclusion, games are useful and necessary in teaching English for children. I am sure that learning will be more enjoyable, and students will learn better through games because games provide an excellent opportunity to use grammar and build a vocabulary network. And there are many games that you (teachers) can choose to support to your teaching.

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