Using songs to teach English

Hi everyone. I’m Dung. This is my writing. Thanks for your time to read and give me some comments.

                            Using songs to teach English

Have you ever listen to music to improve your listening skill and vocabulary. I’m sure that almost learner, who learn second language did. I believe that using songs is one of the best tools to teach foreign language.  Specially, for kids these real songs are very effective. Through the songs, we can teach vocabulary and pronunciation, grammar, sound and it is a good way to motivate kids to learn. To teach a lesson with a song we have to prepare some materials and in class we can divide them into group, asks them to do some funny activities with this song.

  1. Teaching the vocabulary

Firstly, you should try and pre-teach as much of the language in previous lessons as you can. Don’t teach it as a prelude to a song, during the previous the lessons just let a few of the words fall in naturally. Moreover, you can use the pictures or drama plays to teach the kids the new words.

2. Teaching the pronunciation

There are many ways to teach pronunciation, it is more effective than simply writing the lyrics on the board by using some colorful pictures card to illustrate each lyric. Now, we have melody and pictures for each new word or phrase. We can teach to kids the link words and the rhyme of the song.

3. Teaching listening skill

It is a good idea to use the song to improve kids’ listening skill. Songs can also help to improve listening skills because they provide students with practice listening to different forms of intonation and rhythm. There are many effective ways, for example, we can cut separately each line of the song and ask the kids to make the right order or we can give each kid a small card some blank grapes and ask them to listen and fill the blank.

According to Murphey (1992) songs can help young learners improve their listening skills and pronunciation, therefore potentially helping them to improve their speaking skills. Moreover, songs can also be useful tools in the learning of vocabulary, sentence structures, and sentence patterns, not to mention their reflectivity of mother tongue culture. Perhaps the greatest benefit to using songs in the classroom is that they can be fun.

I think that songs play an important role in the development of kids learning a second language, so why don’t we use the song to teach English language?


One thought on “Using songs to teach English

  1. Hi Dung! I’m Huong
    First of all, I want to thank for your sharing about using songs to teach English. Your writing is very interesting. The first thing I like most is your detailing. All points are arranged logicly one by one. It is a good point because it will help your readers understand easily. It is very important for all writing. That i mean your format and now I want to comment the content of your writing. It is quite enough. I agree with you that using song can teaching the vocabulary,pronunciation. listening skill for students. However, in my opinion you should add more benefits of using songs to teach English for young learners such as it is an interesting way for warm-up activity; it makes the classroom atmosphere lively; and students will lose boring feeling with a long lesson…
    That is all my comments. One more time, many thanks for your writing!

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