Game: Lucky Number for Weather Vocabulary

In this lesson plan, I give an interesting game to involve students in the lesson. Through game, students can remember some new words to identify the weather, ask and answer about the weather. Please visit and leave your comment. Thanks a lot!

This game is designed to practice vocabulary and sentence pattern about the weather from Lesson 1, Unit 16 – The Weather, (Page. 42-43, TIẾNG ANH 3 – NXB GD & MOET)

Lesson plan English 3


4 thoughts on “Game: Lucky Number for Weather Vocabulary

  1. dear thu hoai! i have already your lesson plan, i think that that is quite good lesson, it is suitable to young learners, your lesson plan is easy to understand and including some pictures concerned lesson. besides, end of lesson, you give a game, this make children interesting in studying english.

  2. thanks for your writing, i have learned a new game in teaching activities. i think it’s very clear and easy to understand. content and instruction of this game are very simple. yes, i am sure that children can be observed in game a lot and they will glad to play immediately. yes, good luck for you !!! i will try this game in next my lesson 🙂 thank you again 🙂

  3. Hi Hoai! My name’s Thu. I’m very supprised with your game in your lesson and after that I have some commments for you.
    Firstly, I’m sure that your game is very interesting for children because it makes active eviroment in classroom. Everyone can take part in the game and give the answer. Moreover,
    your game will help children develop team work skill and practice speaking skill.In addition to this, children will remember new words for a long time and speak the structure about the weather fluenly.
    However, I think to teach this game in class, teacher must control the class closely. Techer must observe all people’s actions in class.
    Thank for your sharing!

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