how the children learn?

The method to teach English in primary that plays an important part in education so teachers should have innovative teaching methods for elementary school children. The creative method will help teachers to develop student’s ability such as: creatation, initiative.

Except for the purpose of transfer knowledge to students, the class must have more appropriate teaching methods. This is something that any teacher to understand, but to create a lively atmosphere and attractive is not simple. With elementary students knowledge level requires not too difficult, the basic problems is that teachers should know to wake favorite English for St.

As you know, there are 7 MIs so Ts also have corresponding method to develop Ss’s ability. To help Ss understand the lesson, T should take the learner to make center of education, to mobilize total strength and intelligence of learner suggestion and

opponent a content to learn as far as get explicit.

Beside, taking the learner the direct situations is the good way to help Ss understand more about the useness of English by promoting positive self-awareness, independence of students need to know and choose methods appropriate form of organization, including the method of explanation, conversation, observation, discussion, experiment experience, questions and answers, and raise issues.

The learners are placed in real situations of life who learn directly observation, discussion and experiment, solve problems through by his way of thinking from the new skills, knowledge. Therefore, Ss can understand and practice the knowledge and skills that are not available in the template, express and develop creative their potential.

Listening an English song is not new way but it is sill effective for Ss to remember and repeat the new words. Teaching by visual such as poster and video helps Ss to imagine freely.

T should encourage the children to answer the question freely without being afraid of the fail. However, Ts also have to bonus for individual who has outstanding achievement as well as prompt with Ss who are lazy to think and do homework.

In conclusion, teaching problem to develop the creative thinking initiative is a very important that needs more attention in the primary school education.



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