Lesson plan: English 3_Unit 16: The weather-lesson 1

Hello everyone!

My full name is Le Thi Hoai Thu

Today i want to share with you my lesson plan which belongs to lesson 1_ unit 16: the weather in English 3. In this lesson plan, i suggest an interesting game to involve students  in the lesson. By the end of the lesson, Students will be able to identify the weather through the dialogue

Lesson plan _English 3_Unit 16(Le Thi Hoai Thu)


4 thoughts on “Lesson plan: English 3_Unit 16: The weather-lesson 1

  1. Hi Thu,
    An interesting lesson I see! I realize that you have a good idea in designing game for children to teach them the weather. However, I think you should introduce the name of game for children before starting, because children usually listen to the name to guess how to play it. They often think simply and imitate if they already played before. Moreover, you can also use some real objects to help them imagine the weather if you can. Thus, your lesson will be more effective.
    All are my own ideas, so I hope it may help to support for you. Thanks a lot!

  2. dear hoai thu, i have already your lesson plan. i think that it is suitable to young learners. in your lesson, have some pictures concerned lesson, this makes children curious and interesting in studying english, beside game at the end lesson is good and easy for young learners to play. i like your lesson plan

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