teaching english through songs – an effective way

At first, in my opinion,  it is very easy to teach English for children in primary school because the knowledge is simple. However, my thought has changed since i took part in the PELT course. Teaching enflish for primary students is difficult in selecting methods so that we can motivate children’s interests.  And using english songs is one of very effective ways.

No matter what the teacher uses songs at the beginning or at the end of the lesson, but she must distinguish between teaching english songs and teaching english through songs. If students learn by heart english songs without any goals, it will be unuseful. Therefore, teaching should use songs for particular objectives such as illustrating the topic of the lesson, presenting new words or creating a lively atmosphere in class. this way will make the lesson less boring and  encourages students to participate in english class.

Teacher should pay attention to some tips for choosing a suitable song because at this age, children are easy to give up difficult things. A good song for children must be compatible with language used in class. It should not be involved too much vocabulary, musical challenge or cultural differences. It must be suitable for kids not only in language but also in content. Its content should be within the life experience and reflective of the target culture; Especially, that song must be easy for students to follow by using simple action. Of course, the simple songs with repetive rhythm  will be a good chance for children so that they can make an interesting  performance in front of the class  by using simple body language. Surely, students will look forwar the next english lesson after that.

There are some websites of kids english songs for teachers and parents to refer such as:



it is easy for us to download or copy lyrics there.


4 thoughts on “teaching english through songs – an effective way

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  2. Thank you! I’m going to Indonesia on October 3rd for 2.5 months to teach English to underprivileged and disabled children, and this is a great link and resource. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • hello, nice to meet you
      We are taking part in a course about Primary English Language Teaching so that we can become teachers in the future. At first, i think that is’s not difficult to teach english for children because the english knowledge for kids is quite simple. However, after that i realize that the method of teaching is not really easy. Fortunately, My teacher is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in this area and he helps us very much.
      as you have said that this is a great link where we can share every things about teaching english for children. Moreover, your students are quite special who are the disabled children. Therefore iam sure that you have alot of good ideas for teaching them. let share with us on this website, please. We can exchage the ideas together.
      thanks for caring.

  3. Hi, My!
    Thanks for your sharing! Your idea is very clear and it makes me think deeply :”distinguish between teaching english songs and teaching english through songs”. We can improve both speaking skill and listening skill for children when using songs to teach English.Moreover, we can make the atmosphere become comfortable and motivate children. To be honest, some teachers use E.songs only for fun like you said, they do not know how to connect with the objectives of the lesson; Therefore, children do not know they have to learn song for what and they are easy to forget that song then. From these, i think we should identify the objective before choosing an E. song and design the song so as to be suitable for children.

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