Tran Hai Yen-N03. Su pham phap k31.

Intelligence is useful for training young learner


I think that the intelligence play the most important role in learning English as well as other subjects. Experiences make the brain grow more and more, so children have ability to remember new words, structures, grammar…. Besides, the children who have logical Mathematical, help them to study English better, and they will have capacity to brainstorm better. In studying English, intelligence of verbal linguistic is a very important role, children will like to speak English and more active, and this helps them to learn foreign language quickly. Moreover, children who have ability in musical, help also them to develop learning English skill, if they like singing, they will sing a lot of English songs and will develop speaking and listening skill for young learners. Thus, in my opinion, the teacher should give many activities after English class to children’s intelligence grow more, for example: For musical – rhythmic intelligence learners, teach an ESL element with a song, like Rock Around the Clock for telling time.For bodily – kinesthetic intelligence learners, teach body parts with a game of Simon Says, or sing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.For visual – spatial intelligence learners, use maps, charts, and all types of visual aids. Teach them the different types of stores and locations they may find around town with a big map-like board game, and have them “visit” the different locations by throwing the dice.

Thua thay vi mail cua em khong post duoc nen em post nho qua mail ban khac a


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