Tran Hai Yen- N03. Su Pham phap k31

Telling story for children

Hi everyone, my name’s Yen, today I talk about my thought about implication telling story for teaching English to young learners

I think that storytelling is a great way to keep the children concentrated and involve them into conversations where they can easily express themselves and interact with each-other as well. The children are so curious and mischievous, so like hear what happened. Especially, young learners love the animal story, picture story and adventure story…. Thus, I think that teacher should apply telling story for teaching English to young learners so that the children can learn English effectively. Before telling a story, teacher should explore all new vocabularies and use pictures, prompts, real objects etc….to attract young learners whereas it is very easy for children to understand. And after telling story, teacher can ask young learners to play the characters in story and to repeat the content of story, so telling story not only help children learn English better but also learn a lot of experiences in the life.  Story telling is always a magnificent tool but we should know how to use it. You can also play games and activities before the story to introduce the key vocabulary.  And after the story you can have the children act out the characters while you read the story again, play games using the illustrations. Full details and descriptions are provided for pre and post story games and activities.  This means that you do not have to spend time coming up with your own ideas as they are already included.There are enough pre and post story ideas here to keep you occupied for many lessons, and this is IN ADDITION to the one hundred games in the e-book of games. As well as the story-related games and activities you can play before and after the story-telling itself, there are tips on the different things that you can do while you are telling the story.  This will vary depending on whether it is the first time you are telling the story or if the children already know it well and keep requesting to hear it again. The better the children know the story and the words involved the more they can participate in the telling of the story and be actively involved rather than just passively listening.


Thua thay vi mail cua em khong post duoc nen em muon mail cua ban khac a.



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