In this lesson plan, I give an interesting game to involve students in the lesson. Through game, students can remember some new words and word phrases to identify some activities at school, ask and answer the structure about the actions. Please visit and leave your comment. Thanks a lot!

This game is designed to practice vocabulary from Section A-2, Unit 5– Sports and Games, (Page. 47, Let’s Learn English-Book 3)




  1. This is an interesting game. I like it, too. Therefore, I am very interested in your lesson plan. Below is my comments on your design. In objectives, work in group and in pair skills cannot be included in this section. Because they belong to the goal. I think that Ss cannot know how to work in group and in pair after one lesson. They are the skills which need time to improve and develop. In my opinion, it can changes like this.
    Ater the lesson, Ss will be able to: – Ask and answer about sports and games at school fluently.
    There are some grammatical mistakes. For example, You should use same sentence type (begin with verbs). This is one of illustrations, (Asks one by one of student in Team A or B go to the board and describe one action in the picture (only use body language not words) and the other team gives the name of action.
    -3 And then the student asks:
    Ss: Do you want to___?
    Class: Sure
    -4 Which team has more true answer than the other, they are winner.)
    Tense (stick -> sticks)
    This mistake makes your writing is not clear and uniform. Futhermore, if it is a competition between 2 teams, you should give the time to motivate them. Gifts or compliments are good ideas. ^^. Wish you have a nice time!

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