Storytelling_ the best way to teach English for children


There are many ways to teach English for kids and storytelling is the best way that teacher chooses. Not random most of teachers at primary use English stories to guide children learn English and that it is because through interesting stories, teacher can be easy to present the new lesson, simple structures, a number of vocabulary with different context, and review old knowledge.

Storytelling_ what is it? I think it is not a strange word to everybody and its definition is not too difficult. Storytelling is the way teacher not only use her/his voice but also actions, body language, modern techniques such as pictures, computer, projector, and so on to talk about a story. With using colorful pictures, real objects, especially teacher’s intonation, teacher will help children get knowledge faster and remember longer. With the age of from 6 to 10, children are still innocent; they seem to be get knowledge passively. Mostly, they learn from imitating and teacher is ideal model for kids; therefore, teacher is always circumspect in all his/her words and actions, evenly is style of dress.

Come back to storytelling, almost the content of stories for kids are simple and easy to understand. They are written by simple words and structures so that children pronounce easily. Moreover, these stories give meaning to education about morality, lifestyle, and the way of communicating with everybody and so on. Thus, through teaching literacy teacher can teach the way of living well. In addition, through telling stories teacher can help kids know more about animal and human’s world life by joining in actions or playing the characters in story. Because of little age, kids are interested in active actions such as dancing, singing, and repeating.

All in all there are many ways for teacher choosing to transmit the knowledge for children and storytelling is one of the best ways. The choosing suitable methods to teach base on the content of lesson and the number of knowledge which kids need to obtain.


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