Students as a teaching aid

Hello everyone,

As you know, in each class, students are always considered as one of the most important factors. If there is no student, there will have no lecture which is carried out. Today, I will give you my sharing about the role of students in the lesson.

Firstly, students role as effective real objects. For example, in this lesson about the cloth, to understand the meaning of some items of vocabulary, teacher can ask students to point at some kind of clothing that they are wearing. If that, they will remember words in a long time.

Secondly, students are as role players. In the story introduced by the teacher, there are many different characters. The best way to tell the story and help students understand the content easily is that the teacher require them to role play. It makes the atmosphere in the class more happy and especially, the students have opportunity to practice their pronounciation and express themselves as well.

Thirdly, students are like singers in music performance program. There are many songs in the textbooks that they need to learn. So, they have to sing a lot and if possible, they can become good singers.

Finally, they are considered as assistants of each teacher. In the lesson, the cooperation between the students and the teacher is very important. The students can help the teacher do task, make model dialogues, and so on.

In summary, the students role a vital play in each lecture. They make huge contribution to complete learning program.


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