The roles of teacher and chalkboard in my mind

Hi, everybody!

This is my share about the roles of teacher and chalkboard as teaching aids.

In general, when we talking about the teaching aids in class most of us usually think of some facilities for study first such as textbook, tape, chalk, projector and so on. However, if the condition in the class is limited or is lacking in modern equipment, what should we do to teach for your students? Of course, the teachers must be active and creative to use themselves as teaching aids to convey the lesson to their students. This is a list of the roles of teachers in class in which they are considered as teaching aids.

1) A real object: When the teacher teaches vocabulary about part of the body, she or he can point at each part in her body to illustrate it for the pupils.

2) A model: The best way to give instruction of a game to children is that the teacher should be model first.

3) A singer: Let’s imagine that you must teach your students a new song but you have no electricity, no record. Of course, you must be a singer in this situation.

4) A role – player: Sometimes, the teacher also participates in a play with his or her students and acts as a character in it.

5) A story – teller: One of the most popular teaching activity in class is that the teacher tell a story for pupils.

6) An instructor: This is the most important role of the teacher to instruct students what they should do and how to do the tasks.

7) A manager: The teacher must manage the whole class in all of activity.

8) An artist: If the teacher cannot prepare pictures to illustrate, she or he can draw on the board to help student understand and imagine easily.

9) A pantomime: The teacher can mime and ask students to guess the vocabulary through his or her action.

10) A composer: Sometimes, teacher can compose a new song or chant to teach pupils. The funny song will generate interest for children to take part in the teacher’s activity.

As you know, the chalkboard is a traditional image in classroom and is very familiar with both the teacher and students. There are many roles of chalkboard which are listed below:

1) To write the content of the lesson.

2) To use to play game such as “slap the board”, “nough and cross”.

3) To decorate in the special day such as The Teacher’s Day, The Woman’s Day.

4) To use for acting.

5) To use as a stage to role – play.

6) To stick the sub – board or pictures.

7) To use for displaying the students’ exercises.

8) To draw shapes, pictures.

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2 thoughts on “The roles of teacher and chalkboard in my mind

  1. Hello Trang,
    I have read your sharing about the role of teacher and black board in the class. I see that your writing is quite good. You have covered the most roles and given some explanation to make your ideas more clear. I really like to read it. It makes me have a larger look about the teacher as well as the black board.
    Thanks for your sharing.

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