Using songs in teaching English for children

As you know, music plays a vital role in our life. If there is no music, our life will be boring and meaningless. Especially, to children, they always have needs to listen to music everyday. With each song, they feel more interesting and motivative. In learning foreign language, songs also helps them remember words and learn more effectively. In the first stage, they do not know much, if the teacher only applies the inflexible methods, the students will not want to study. However, if they are taught to sing to change the atmosphere, they will be excited and focus more on what they are learning. English songs for the young are often easy with simple lyrics and beats that are very suitable. Through each song, the children will learn some items of vocabulary, or some grammatical structures. For example, with the song “Whats the weather like today?” (, they will know how to ask and answer about the weather and some words such as: sunny, windy, cloudy, … I am sure that they will remember them for a long time because they are fond of singing songs. In addition, teaching English songs for children, the teachers also teach the students listening skills. They will have opportunity to practice and improve their listening. Singing songs in many times, they will know strategy to listen, from the simple things, gradually, they will listen to more complex ones. When learning songs, young learners also express their aptitude such as dancing to make the song more funny. Besides, when selecting a song, the teachers should care for the age, the interest of learners to choose the suitable song for them. The song can be introduce in warm-up, while lesson, post lesson or in break, which depends on the content and purpose of each class.

In short, it is necessary to teach English songs for children. It is a good method to help the young learners study effectively.


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