Advantage of storytelling in teaching English in primary school

Children is interested in stories telling. When childhood, children is told story by grandparents, parents to teach us about life, cultures and promo a attitude with other land. Children can learn by heart stories and share each other. Nowadays, stories telling is one of the most teaching method to teach English for children, the first,, Stories provide depth to a concept going beyond a fact, a definition, or  an outline of textbook material. Stories take information out of isolation, placing the information in a context that makes the information meaningful and memorable. . the second, Ss can remember vocabulary, grammar  structure immediately in the class. Stories can motivate  SS in the beginning of lesson to review old lesson, make air  atmosphere.. Opening a lesson with a story may put the students at ease and allow them to understand something concrete before going on to the related abstract concept.   Furthermore , T can use stories at the end of lesson to SS remember content of  new lesson. Ss can fell relax during  lesson. Whether you use a story as a way of meeting an instructional objective or to illustrate a point, students will listen to a good, relevant story and will stay with you wanting to know what happens  . Children can take part in teacher’s stories, guess the content of stories to help Ss to develop imagine , Ss can develop pronunciation,  speaking skill, and group activities skill. Ss can role play to develop speaking skill, know the characteristic , The teachers telling students or the children themselves tell stories to each other in English to bring a lot of benefits. Students can embody the character, storyline and plot. Besides, the anxiety when faced with a written text will be reduced because activities like storytelling that school, played the school. Moreover, this activity also helps children more confidence in the ability of language itself. When we were getting better, they can improve cognitive ability and later used in real English.


2 thoughts on “Advantage of storytelling in teaching English in primary school

  1. Hi Xuan. Thanks for sharing! I have read it, and I see some good as well as not very good points in your writing. Firstly, There are some nice ideas here. I like them. For exanple: “children were told story by grandparents, parents to teach us about life, cultures and promo a attitude with other lands”. You have reminded me about beautiful chilhood. When I was young, I lived with my grandparents. They often told me many interesting stories that I have remembered it until now. Moreover, I like this point, too. “T can uses stories at the end of lesson to help SS remember content of new lesson. Ss can fell relax during lesson”. It is very good thinking. Role play is nice activity in the story lesson. However, there are some mistakes in your writing, such as grammatical rules (regular-irregular, plural and singular….). Your writing parts are not clear, so it is difficult to recorgnize them. I think that your writing will be better if you read it carefully before updating. Thanks for your sharing again!

  2. Dear Xuan, i have just read your writting about storytelling for kids in teaching english. However, i realize that you almost focus on the benefits of this methods without giving some tips that how to tell a story for kids to teach english? Here are some sugesstion for you.
    Firstly, teacher should choose a suitable story. It is important to choose English stories for children that are well known and contain examples of genuine English. It’s easy to remember including repetition, rhyme, suspense and humour. The stories should contain colorful illustrations which match the text and enhance the students’ understanding and help develop their visual intelligence. Specially, the story must content an aspect of english that you want your kids to get.
    Secondly, it’s important for the teacher to memorize the basic story without depending so much on books because this will make the teacher become unnatural in storytelling process. Teachers must prepare about vocabulary or grammar in the story that will introduce to childrent,
    Thirdly, let’s use hand motion ( gesture), body language to emphasize some newwords in the story, which can help students guess the meaning of the words. Besides, facial expression is really necessary. Pay attention to the mood of the story, hapy or sad and let the mood follow into your expression.
    Forthly, the teacher should allow your voice to be expressive. For example, giving the characters different voices. During the story, let change your voice in low, high and medium level.
    Esspecially, let’s remember that we use story to teach english, not just for relaxing.Therefore, it requires a great deal of energy, creativity and excellent classroom management skill as well as the amount of flexibility from teachers. This method can put the teacher under little pressure, but if you love children as well as your major, you will be sucessful.

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