game: guessing the word

In this my lesson plan, I will use a game, named “guessing the word”. This game will heklp students remember some new words about outdoor activities. It is designed to review vocabulary from Lesson 3 (p. 151-153), Unit 17: Outdoor activities

giao an TA


3 thoughts on “game: guessing the word

  1. Hi Nga, thanks for your writing,it’s very interesting, i have learned a new game in teaching activities from your writing . i think this game is very clear and easy to understand. The contents and teachers’ instructions are very simple, i’m sure that your childrens will interested in game a lot and they will glad to play immediately.
    good luck for you !!! i will try to use this game in my next lesson. thank you again. 🙂

  2. Hi Nga! Thank you for sharing !
    It is useful and interesting game . Your lesson is meaningfull material for me. I can referent for my job in future. The game is very easy to done ang suitable with every level of children With simple introduction, it is good poin, it is easy to childerent understand you talk . But I want to you add more imformatiom about purpose of game in your lesson. And when do we use it. I mean you can use it in warm up or relax in lesson , or review lesson.
    That is all my comment. I hope you have useful and interesting lesson .
    Once more, Thank for your sharing !

  3. Hi Nga! your writing is very interesting. I really like it. It is so simple for teacher to do and for student to understand. I think it is a good game. through the game, students can remember new words easily by pictures. this game is not only short and simple, but also effective. I believe that students will be interested in it. however, a very small problem is you should give more specific purpose of this game. Don’t worry about this, your game is really good! thanks a lots!

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