Nguyễn Hải Yến – using pictures in teaching vocabulary

Teaching Aids have been a common feature in mathematics classrooms although in some instances they were not appropriately used. Teaching aids, as educational materials, create opportunities which may reveal misconceptions on the part of both teachers and learners. Some teaching aids are quite simple to use and others require training to be able to extract mathematics from them.

In teaching english, teaching aids play an important role. We can use teaching aids in many aspects: teaching vocabulary,grammar, structure, songs…in my assignment I want to focus on using teaching aids in teaching vocabulary, especially, using pictures. According to Hornby (2007 : 1138), picture is a descriptions that gives you an idea in your mind of what something is like. It means that using picture will make the children  easier to remember and understand the new vocabulary that they get. The picture is considered as an easy way to teachvocabulary to students who are in their infancy at the beginner levelto learn about English. By looking at the picture, the students will be easily aroused to remember the pictures that shown to them. At this time, the students’ brain development is the still that is very good enough, so it must be utilized to the maximum in learning vocabulary, especially in learning the foreign language.  In teaching vocabulary using pictures, there are someprinciples in choosing a picture. in selecting the first image that we consider is to choose the picture that should be clear. The clearlyshows the object in question shall mean appropriately and in accordance with reality, for example, when we introduce thevocabulary of the glass, the image must also be shown imagesglasses, do not have showed dishes, spoons, and others. The second is that it can be understood. It means that the picture should in the  large sizes so that all students can see clearly.

Inconclusion, Picture is something that has an image of an object. It is will help the teacher to explain new foreign words. Beside that, it will makes the students easier to understand the new foreign words or vocabulary. Picture will help to get the students’ understanding about new vocabulary. It is because the studentsreally like something with a picture and bright of the color, so the picture will help the students to makes more easily in the learning.


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