some available teaching aids in classroom

Teaching aids in classroom
Ok, teaching a subject you have to use some teaching aids in your class. A teaching aid is anything that can be used to help reinforce new information or skills. It’s really amazing tool to help enhance students learning. Besides some teaching aids : computers, projectors, handouts, textbooks,…it’s very important to talk about the amazing available teaching aids all the time in every classroom. They are the chalkboard, the teacher and the students.
First, the greatest teaching aid is the teacher. Teaching aids can greatly contribute to any subject, but it is important to remember that you, the teacher, have the greatest impact on your students and their learning. Teacher is who give instructions to students in the lesson. He uses his knowledge, his enthusiasm to attract students’ interests and enhance them learning. They are an available, important and exact resource for students in class all the time. If it’s in the lack of some other visual aids, teacher still creates others to replace and make complete lesson for the students. Of course, teacher use his own body, his own knowledge as an amazing tool in class. he can use: movement, body language, eye contact, gesture, speech, facial expression…in classroom discussion and activities. For example, teacher can use his part of body to show in class as real object in front of class. besides, he also takes part in some activities with the students such as: playing drama ( role play), a singer, a partner, etc. that’s really useful and as a model for others in class. teacher is a person who can makes example vividly, can express all things in the lesson by speech, emotion, or actions, the changes about class atmosphere, motivation for the students. Hence, teacher is the best teaching aid. Be sure that if you become a teacher for children, you will use yourself to the full effect.
Second, the chalkboard plays an important role of a teaching aid in class. In any classroom, there is at least a chalkboard for education. The main purpose of chalkboard is to writing information of the lesson to show for children. It is available instructional material which can be used in presenting the lesson. The chalkboard is a flexible in use in the classroom. You can easily add or error your ideas by erasing and writing. It also supports space, a lot of writing space to help you show something more such as: diagram, pictures, visual reinforcement. In addition, the chalkboard is considered as an inexpensive and adaptable visual aid, which can use to record the suggestions, draw visual, make lists, support your words and voice and organize lesson and class. besides, the chalkboard can be put various color chalk or pens to show topic, build associations. It’s helpful to create a background for the test, or a good place of students’ performance activities. So, the teacher should get the best out of the chalkboard to use it in the most effective way in the class.
The last thing is the students. They don’t have the same level knowledge as the teacher, but they have larger quantities of people. In class, they are also consider as a worth teaching aid. The students also are characters of stories, they’re considered as examples in class. students can do actions, take part in classroom activities. They can make materials in creative way to make the lesson become more different in guiding of the teacher. They can make the transition changes in class, help the activities to be more various. For example, the students can play games in team, practice in partner. And they also make examples by themselves such as : color (their clothes), show the performances in class. Moreover, they are the resource of questions, of creative things. They can ask teacher some questions suitable for the age, the level; use their imagery to make sth new.
I conclude that students are also a great teaching aid, we should notice to develop them better.
That’s all I think about some teaching aids which are exist in every classroom. So, we should notice how to use them effectively and connect them with other limited or non-existent resources in class to have the good lesson for our children.
Thanks for your reading and giving your ideas!


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One thought on “some available teaching aids in classroom

  1. Hi, Tram
    I have already read your writing and wanted to give you my comment. In general, your writing had mentioned to the roles of teacher, chalkboard and students in classroom. I see your share about the roles of chalkboard and student as the teaching aids are very clear and understandable. You have given some examples to illustrate . It’s very good. However, about the roles of teacher are quite general. You should show it more specific to held the reader easily follow. Any way, thanks for your share. Good bye.

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