Storytelling Techniques

How to organize storytelling?

             Organizational storytelling is an emerging discipline in the study of management, strategy and organization studies. With some academics describing it is a purposeful tool to be used by business people, and others describing it is a way of understanding and interpreting organizational life.

             When you told a story, you should be known how to deliver a story effectively combined with knowing the right story to tell is a powerful influencing and communication skill. It can be used to connect employees to strategy by providing understanding, belief and ultimately motivation in the personal contribution that employees can make. According to Levar Burton: “As long as we are engaged in storytelling that moves the culture forward, it doesn’t matter what format it is.” Storytelling is the core of who are as human beings, and it’s an art all in it’s own — no matter what form you are using.

              Then, I will give awesome storytelling techniques:

+ Show does not tell. One of the most important is lessons to learn as a writer or creator. We can tell a story by own way such as show us a character, a scene, a developing emotion, a visual example.

+ Create character your audience relates to. Some case, it’s important to know your audience before creating the story. Character in the story maybe is created a character profile listing all the details of your character to help get a feel for the story.

+ Set the stage. We’d like to know enough of the context so we can understand the story. Tell us the place and the time the story takes place. Throughout the stage, we can give some comments to build plot exactly.

+ Create a mood. Short stories, videos, and shorter content should convey one mood throughout. Mood plays an important role, for example, a horror story has it’s own mood, and an informational post has it’s own mood or tone too.

+ Construct a plot. There should be a beginning, middle, and end to your story. This is true even if you want to break the rules, your audience needs some sense of closure at the end. When you have specific plan, you will easy to perform.

              That is some techniques which help you improve storytelling. Sometimes it’s best to write out your first draft and then go back and ask yourself some important questions on technique. The stronger you make the story, the more effective your reach will be for your audience. Thanks you!


2 thoughts on “Storytelling Techniques

  1. Hi Tuyet! I have just read your writing about story telling. It is an interesting writing. After reading it, I get some techinque for story telling. You have presented them clearly.It is so understandable. I think after reading your writing everyone would know how to organize storyteling. They will apply the technique more suitable. I only concerned one thing about your writing is that why you don’t add the benifit of applying storytelling in teaching for children to persuade everyone before you tell the way to organize storytelling. That is my idea about your writing. Finnally, I want to say thank you for this useful writing.

  2. Hey ya!
    Firstly, I want to thanks your writing and sharing about some techniques in using storytelling to teach English for children. I see many useful techniques you just mentioned may help us to apply in teaching. However, I think you should get from your experiences and think about a specific plan of yours.
    Thanks a lot!

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