Teacher and chalkboard are the most wonderful tools in classroom.

In classroom, an excellent way to enhance your educational atmosphere is using teaching aids. If you want to have a active lesson, you should use a lot of teaching aids. So, what is a teaching aid? A teaching aid is whatever that can be used to help strengthen the new information or skills. It is useful to consider the age of the student and the topic that you are teaching. While studying, students always want to have an interesting and attractive lesson.

There are many teaching aids we can use in classroom such as: chalk, poster, chalkboard, picture, students … However, the Greatest Teaching Aids is Teacher. Teacher has greatest impact on students and makes them be interested in learning the subject. Use your knowledge and enthusiasm to ignite your students’ interests and engage them as they explore new topics and ideas.

In my opinion, we need not use any kind of tool because the teacher is the best teaching tool; we also do not worry about a power outage or there is not enough teaching facilities because the teacher is always available all the time. There are some aspects when teacher teaches students. First, teachers need movement. They can sit behind a desk or stand in front of podium to create distance between teacher and students. Students always focus on teacher, so they need to move with purpose. Second, using body language is important when teaching. If you don’t want to have a boring lesson, you should use more body language. The next, teacher also uses eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, speech … Teacher plays an important role in classroom.


– Teacher can be a model: teacher makes example and students follow.

– Teacher is an instructor: She or he teaches student how to learn.

– Teacher is a leader: Teacher is the head and classroom manager.

– Teacher is a singer: Sometimes, we can be heard the teacher sing and the teacher can teach student sing.

– Teacher is a real object: Teacher can use everything to apply in classroom such gestures, body language, eye contact, facial expressions …..

– Teacher is a friend: Teacher can help student like friend because she or he is always a friendly person and can help student anytime.

The second thing used as teaching aid is chalkboard. Chalkboard is the most important aid in the hand of a teacher.

We can use chalkboard with many purposes:

images (3)

A chalkboard can be a stage. It can be used to perform dancing and singing.

A chalkboard is a picture. We can use to draw everything we want.

A chalkboard is a piece of paper and a place which teacher can write down the lesson on it.

A chalkboard is a note paper. We can paste what we want to point out to students.

A chalkboard can be tool used for many purposes.

Those are my ideas about using teacher and chalkboard as teaching aids in classroom. These are the most wonderful tools we should use. Thank a lot.


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