Teacher and chalkboard are used as the teaching aids in many different ways _ Nguyen Luong K33

Hi everyone!

As you know, in teaching, teaching aids is the best devices to make the lesson more interesting and effective. Sitting in the classroom for hours, students can become bored. Therefore, using teaching aids such as: chalkboard, flash card, pictures, videos, poster…that can attract students and make them busy in the class by taking part in the activities such as discussing, answering the questions, role-play, drawing… Being a teacher, you can combine some teaching aids in your lesson. However, two basic teaching aids we can use from past to now are chalkboard and ourselves.

Although we now live in a high tech world and have access to a variety of teaching aids, there is one aid that is convenient, portable, uses no electricity, and is available all the time. That is you. In my opinion, teacher is seen as teaching aids in 10 following ways:

1. Teacher is an instructor: Teacher gives students information and requests that students should remember and should do in the class. Teacher will be the person who instruct you to do everything in the class.

2. Teacher is a speaker: Teacher informs students what students do in the class, or tell stories.

3. Teacher is a model: Teacher makes examples to help children understand and follow easily. When telling a story, teacher will act as characters in that story and then students can do the same.

4. Teacher is painter: Teacher draw images when teaching vocabulary. They are easy for students to get the meaning of words.

5. Teacher is a singer: Teacher teaches songs for children without using audios.

6. Teacher is real objects: Teacher uses parts of the body or the actions to describe.

7. Teacher is a critic: Teacher gives feedback, compliments, or complaints to students.

8. Teacher is a controller: Teacher controls students following activities in class.

9. Teacher is an observer: Teacher observes whole class to ensure students are focusing on the lesson.

10. Teacher is a dictionary: Students can ask about the meaning of words they do not know.

Another effective teaching aid is chalkboard. Long time ago when we didnot know about IT, chalkboard was the main tool of teaching. Up to now, chalkboard has been still the most popular and widely used visual aid. Chalkboard has many roles, they are:

1. Chalkboard is a place where teacher can show main content on it.

2. Chalkboard is a stage where teacher can tell stories by using flashcards, students can role-play drama…

3. Chalkboard likes a piece of paper that teacher and students can draw or write on it.

4. Chalkboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man…

5. Chalkboard is a sticky notes that teacher uses to write tasks and homework.

The teacher and blackboard are the best teaching aids that are available, convenient and popular. You are teachers in near future, so hope you will improve yourselves to become an effective teaching aid. Moreover, I think you should combine using chalkboard with using yourself to get the full effect.

Thanks for your attention!

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