Teaching English effectively for children with only teacher and board

Being a teacher of English in the future, have you ever thought about a situation that you have to teach English without any teacher aids?

Although nowadays we live in technology world, we can use technology tools as teaching aids in our lesson, we cannot always depend on using videos, audio or power point…to teach English for children. Let’s think about what main factors make a class. That is teacher and board; it cannot be a class if there are no teacher, board and students. However, in this writing I only mention how to teach English effectively with only teacher and board.

Below are some suggestions for using teacher as a teaching aid.

LR_e5290TuffCamBoy_300DPI.Teacher is a portable camera. In class, teacher’s eyes can observe whole class, even each student in class. Teacher’s eyes should records images of students equally, do not only concentrate on good or bad students. After observing students, teacher can give them real feedback from the lesson, Students need to know what they have learnt, what they have not done.

–         Teacher is a model in class. When teaching any new words, new tasks or introduce new games which difficult to explain for children, teacher have to do example first for children easy to understand and follow without speaking lot. Teacher has to use body language, gestures, postures or farcical expression or any crazy action provided that students can understand easily.

–         Teacher is a MC in class. Teacher should replace boring lesson by interesting game shows in which teacher’s role is a MC in that games. MC will control the game show in natural way from the beginning to the end by using instructions sentences. MC has to create situation in which participant have chance to play, perform and express themselves.

–         Teacher is student’s friend. Teacher need close the gap with students. Be friendly and open with students. Teacher and students can practice role play, sing and dance together.

–         Teacher is a real object in class. For example, when teaching lesson about human body, teacher can use part of their body to be a real object to children to observe directly.

–         Teacher is a story teller. There are many interesting stories used in lessons. Teacher has to retell these stories with expressive voice and real actions.

–         Teacher is an English dictionary. Whenever students have difficulty with new words, they can ask teacher to explain.Dictionary (2)ok_0

–         Teacher is a designer. Teacher should redesign difficult task to make it appropriate with student’s level.

And here are some ideas with chalkboard.

–         A chalkboard is a stage in which students can perform their songs, dramas.

–         A chalkboard is a wall where students can hang their picture on to exhibit and show to other students.

–         A chalkboard is a paper where teacher and students can draw pictures, words, or anything else.

–         A chalkboard is a note paper. After each lesson, teacher and student have chance to see the board again and remember main point in lesson they have learnt.

–         A chalkboard is a colorful picture. Teacher can use color chalk to write

–         A chalkboard is a place where teacher writes down knowledge, sticks poster, pictures, flashcard, draw diagram, map.

I hope that you can apply these ideas about using teacher and chalkboard as teaching aids in your lessons. Thank a lot!


One thought on “Teaching English effectively for children with only teacher and board

  1. Fully agree with this article and it can be just as fun teaching in a class with no technology. Technology is really fab, but a boring teacher can use it as a crutch and not really do any teaching. The real thing is participation from the students and that’s easily done through human interaction.

    For more ideas to expand on the games part mentioned in this post check out the two sites below. The first one has games you can receive by email to try out. The second shows children performing plays – nothing needed for those, just some games and flashcards and imagination to learn the language before putting the skit together in small groups.


    and the plays:

    All the best

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