Amazing teaching aids in teaching primary students!

Hello everyone!
My name is Hoai Thu. Today I want to share about the role of teacher and chalkboard in class as a teaching aid.
As we known, teacher and chalkboard are considered as a typical image in a classroom. Traditionally, teacher is a perfect instructor who stands in the pulpit and conveys their knowledge to students. And chalkboard is a precious teaching aid that teacher use for writing their lessons. In this way, teacher and chalkboard only play a simple role in teaching. However, they can do many things than that as a perfect teaching aid. Why don’t we use teacher, blackboard and students as a teaching aid instead of modern and expensive teaching aids such as: project, video, recorder,…In order to help my readers know about the special role of teacher and chalkboard I summary some main point in this writing. Hopefully, you will take time to see and give me comments
Teacher can do as a flexible teaching aid in the class with his/her real ability:
1. An instructor: This role is the first requirement with a teacher. All teacher need to know how to convey their knowledge to students by many different ways. They ask students to do something and not to do something. In addition, they instruct their student how to do and what to do their requirement.
2. A manager: Teacher can manage their students’ activities in the class
3. A real object: Teacher can use his/her body to teacher student. It is a simple and clear way to get an effective lesson. For example, to teach students about the body teacher can use her hand, left, fingers,… instead of pictures
4. A role-player: Teacher can involve his/her students in the lesson by role a play as a character
5. A model: To help students understand clearly, teacher should do first as a model then students will follow.
6. A singer: Teacher can teach student a lot of songs without audio
7. An artist: Teacher can draw a picture instead of printed pictures.
8. A composer: Teacher can design a song, a chant or a poem to teach their students.
9. A speaker: Teacher can use her voice to teach students in the class such as: singing, acting, playing
10. A story-teller: Teacher can tell her student stories. It is a good way to help them concentrate on the lesson without bareness
11. An observer: Teacher observe the whole class’s activities in order to encourage them in the lesson
Chalkboard is a traditional image which is located in the centre of a classroom. It is known as an effective teaching aid with its amazing roles:
1. An ideal place for teacher to write their lessons on it
2. It is also a good stage for students perform their play, song or poem in front of their classmate
3. It is also an exhibition to show students’ work such as: home works, picture or hand-made objects.
4. It is used for drawing beautiful image and decorating the classroom on special days such as women’s day,…
5. It is a good place for students to hang picture, sub-board or stick pictures
Teacher and chalkboard are simple but effective teaching aid. In order to have a good lesson, teacher should discover some amazing roles that I have mentioned above. Hopefully, you will be a flexible and active teacher in the future with interesting teaching methods
Thanks for your attention.


2 thoughts on “Amazing teaching aids in teaching primary students!

  1. Hi Thu! I have already read your writing. In my opinion this writing is very good. I think that you have provided necessary information that helps everyone can understand. When reading your essay I know how teacher and chalkboard can be the teaching aids in classroom. If teachers can discover all of these roles, they will have effective lesson. But I want to add some ideas about the chalkboard. The most important role of chalkboard is the place to teachers writes the main content of the lesson, or task which they want Ss to do. Moreover, I think we can use the chalkboard to support to play games such as hang man, thistle, role play…
    Anyway, your writing is extremely good. I like it very much!

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