Chalkboard and teacher in teaching (Nguyễn Hà My)

As you can see, one of the basic visual aids, most familiar with each teacher is a chalkboard. It is not only simply tools and equipment that teachers use to convey knowledge or training to help students review their knowledge, but also encourages students and makes lessons more lively and attractive.

So how should you do to exploit fully the benefits that the chalkboard bring?

First of all, you should divide the board into small pieces and avoid writing spread. Each piece has a clear content for children easy to obsever and take notes. For example, when i learned at high school, on Maths lesson, my teacher gave us many ways to solve an exercise, but she often writes spread, not follow order, she writes any blank places, therefore we were very difficult to observe what the next is and write down on the notebook.

Secondly, do not stand eclipsed whole board when you write. Turning back to the classroom, you can not embrace and control what your students are doing. Therefore, it is better to stand leaning about 45 degrees.

Besides, you should present a clear table. What you write on the board must be big and clear enough for the students sitting at the end of the class can also be observed. If you dont have the beautiful handwriting, it will be good ideas if you write slow or use projector, posters …

Moreover, try to write in line and avoid to write “up or down”, this will make your students glitzy and they will be hard to concentrate on the lesson.

Finally, you should continue teaching while writing. This will make the lesson without interruption. To avoid distraction from the students, teachers should suggest some questions. For example: “what is the next?” “How is it spelled?” …

So, what is teacher’s role? Clearly, teacher is the expert for the organization, control, counseling, encouragement, motivation, stimulation and promotes positive perceptions of students in the learning process rather than the expert conveys knowledge.

On the other hand, in terms of social’s development today, the students intellectual have development than students last period, so the teaching process, the teacher should:

– Interested in exploring and understanding the life experiences of students with various forms of student organizations such as report writing, discussion, exchange of experiences, using their own experience to solve the task of learning or practical problems in the daily life.

– Interested in cognitive capacity of children to constantly innovate contents, methods and forms of teaching institutions. this is an important point, teacher has to concern to children’s ability, and definite which content is suitable and better for them.

– Interested in needs and interest in learning, emotional feelings and aspirations of the students to select for the construction and contents, methods and forms of organization appropriate teaching. Besides, the teacher can arouse students’ passion in learning and the will to rise up.


2 thoughts on “Chalkboard and teacher in teaching (Nguyễn Hà My)

  1. Hi My
    Thanks for your writing.
    The first thing I can see in your writing is that, you show us some tips when we write on the board. From the way we divide the board to the way we stand when presenting the lesson. Moreover, you also pointed out that what the teacher need to improve in the current society. Of course, both of them are very useful and necessary to us.
    However, I think that it will better if you change the title of this writing. May be it’s not related to the content, because you only mention to the role of teacher in using chalkboard without talking about the role of chalkboard.
    Yes, it’s my sharing. Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks for your idea! however, i think you should read it again, my writing mentions both chalkboard and teacher, not only teacher as you said!
    I write about some benifits of chalkboard in the classroom, some ways for teacher to use it more effectively, maybe it’s not clear enough for you to understand. I will edit it again.
    Anyway, thank you for your comment !

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