Chalkboard- best tool of teacher- Nguyễn Thị Nhung-spak33

In classroom, chalkboard is center, every student knows about it. However, what is a chalkboard? A chalkboard is a surface on which writing is done mostly in learning institutions. In most cases, it is made of a piece of board that may be painted either black or green.
With the emergence of technology and digital media in the classroom, teachers have a variety of resources to instruct students. However, the age-old chalkboard still can be an effective teaching tool with today’s teaching. Besides writing information or content of lesson, it is also used in many ways. It help teachers teach more effectively. Many teachers concentrate on how she presents information to students. Teaching too fast or too slow loses students’ attention. Writing on a chalkboard makes it easier to control the pace of a lecture because it encourages writing while talking—a task that requires instruction at a moderate speed. To help student see easily, you should :
– write large
– don’t write below line of sight for the student in the back row
– To make a point, stop writing, let students catch up, then discuss
– Erase only when you have run out of space to write.
Furthermore, chalkboard is a classroom management. Chalkboard instruction assists classroom management because it requires light. Visual aides that require lights off hinder a teacher’s ability to monitor students’ behavior.
When teacher singing or dancing, chalkboard is a stage. Teacher can perform at there, student will be attracted. You also call student come and perform.
In addition, chalkboard is a good place to display students’ products such as painting, drawing or test. Ss will be happy and proud if they can see their result at the board. When playing a game, you also use chalkboard in guessing word, slap the board, smile face…
About teacher, not only a instructor, you can do many others responsibility. For example:
– Teacher is a real object, you can teach about vocabulary of human body, it is easy to understand and remember
– Teacher is a storyteller, through a story you can teach many things by a attractive way
– Teacher is model, singer or dancer when play games or lecture
In short, teacher and chalkboard may be called multifunctional, you should associate effectively!


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