Hello everyone!   As you know, teaching activities in classroom have got effects or not depending on many internal and external factors in which there are two major elements that play an important role in classroom are teacher and chalkboard. Therefore, what are the roles of chalkboard and teacher’s roles in classroom?

According to some researchers, they said that teacher and chalkboard role as a teaching aid? oh , is this correct or not ? I think it is acceptable because teaching aids are tools that teachers /lecturers using in teaching activities such as: project, video, recorder, tapes, pictures, chalkboard…and teachers also considered as a teaching aids. There are some reasons to explain for this idea.

+ Teacher as teaching aid:  in classroom, teachers can be considered as:

1.  a manager: teacher takes part in classroom managements that maintain   the stability and silence without making noise. Besides, teachers also organize some activities to attract Students in classroom.

2. a instruction /counselor: teacher gives guides or advices when students need their helps.

3. a role –player:  teacher can join together in some activities by acting as a actor/ actress.

4. a composer/ a singer:  in classroom, there are many tasks/ activities which requiring teacher  must sing  a song, chant a lyric, compose a poem …so on …and the final purpose is that helping to student can learn more effective and more comfortable.

5. a story-teller / an artist: in some lesson, teacher can tell about a story or sometimes teacher must draw some  pictures without printing to describe what does he/ she want to say ?and helping the students can remember quickly and deeply.


Chalkboard as a teaching aid :

Absolutely, chalkboard is the power tool in teaching activities. Because some features:

1. Chalkboard is an ideal place to teacher can present the overall content of lesson for students.

2. Chalkboard is tool which presents flexibility, be easy to change and representatives for visual images. It is symbol of brainstorm and analysis.

3. it is a good place to teacher/ students can draw, write or hang pictures on or sometimes , teacher can stick flashcard/ objects or anything..on the chalkboard. It is a great place for both student and teacher in learning and teaching.










  1. Hi Huong!
    The fisrt thing I want to say to you that I really like your writing style. It is very natural. From your writing, I have learned more about 2 types of teaching aids which are teacher and chalkboard. I agree with you that teacher as a manager a instruction or counselor, as a role –player, as a composer or a singer and a story-teller or an artist. In addition, I think that teacher’s eye contact and facial expression can attract the attention of students or teachers can use them to get the sympathy of students.
    And you said that chalkboard is the power tool in teaching activities and you give some features of such as to present contend of lesson, change, hang and draw pictures, brainstorm, etc… Besides, I want to add that chalkboard is also a place where helps students and teacher practise handwriting.
    These are my ideas, I hope that you and me will use these two teaching aids successfully. Finally, thanks for your sharing so much!

  2. hi Huong, i am very like your shares, because most of them is very easy, coherent and logical to understand. However, it is not full as teacher’s requirement. I know it is also quite difficult to find out ten Teacher as teaching aid and chalkboard usages. i can help you support some of them, ok? i think teacher as a reflective practitioner: Teacher aware of others’ points of view, as well as her own beliefs – about learners, about learning per se, and about herself; as a real object: Teacher can use his/her body to teacher student. About using chalkboard, i am similar to you, i cannot find more any activity. we should consult shares of everyone to know more. i hope that you will try so much in the next share. your share helped i and everyone improve knowledge which lack of. thanks for this!

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