The most important teaching aids in the classroom: The teacher and the blackboard- Ha Thi Huong

The most important teaching aids in the classroom: The teacher and the blackboard- Ha Thi Huong

Hello everyone! You know in the classroom, to make educational atmosphere the teacher need to use many teaching aids. So what is a teaching aid? Teaching aids is a tool that is used by the teacher to present new language. It can also be used to stimulate students or relieve anxiety, fears or boredom since many teaching aids are like games. Some of the most common teaching aids include visual aids like the blackboard, realia or pictures; audio aids like cassette tapes or CDs; and audio visual aids such as video tapes and so on”, even the teacher are also a source of visual aids. Thus, today I want to focus on the role of teacher and blackboard in the classroom. Firstly, I think that the teacher is the richest teaching aids source because they play a lot of roles in the class. For example:

–        Teacher can be a  controller: The teacher is in complete charge of the class, what students do, what they say and how they say it. The teacher assumes this role when new language is being introduced and accurate reproduction and drilling techniques are needed.

–          Teacher can be a story teller: Sometimes we can teach our lesson through stories, especially for kids.

–          Teacher is the resource: The teacher is a kind of walking resource centre (monitor) ready to offer help if needed or providing students with whatever language they lack when performing communicative activities. The teacher must make her/himself available so that students can consult her/him when (and only when) they wish.

–          Teacher is a actor/actress: they can act/play some characters in a story or the reading

–          Teacher is Organizer: Perhaps the most difficult and important role the teacher has to play. The success of many activities depends on good organization and on the students knowing exactly what they are to do. Giving instructions is vital in this role as well as setting up activities.

–          Teacher is Participant: This role improves the atmosphere in the class when the teacher takes part in an activity. However, the teacher takes a risk of dominating the activity when performing it.

–          Teacher is Tutor: the teacher acts as a coach when students are involved in project work or self-study. The teacher provides advice and guidance and helps students clarify ideas and limit tasks.

–          Teacher can be a model: They makes example and student follow

–          Teacher is a singer: when they teach English through songs, they can sing well

–          Teacher is a real object: Teacher can use everything to apply in classroom such as postures, gestures, body languages, eye contact, facial expressions. For example, when they teach the  new word “ Swimming”, they can use body languages to describe this action…

Another important teaching aids I want to talk is blackboard. Traditionally, we know the blackboard is a tool to write the main points of the lesson. This is limited, so I want to use this aids more useful. For instance:

–           Blackboard is a place where teacher can show main content on it.

–          Blackboard is a stage where teacher can tell stories by using flashcards, students can role-play drama…

–          Blackboard likes a piece of paper that teacher and students can draw or write on it.

–          Blackboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man…

–          Blackboard is a sticky notes that teacher uses to write tasks and homework.

–          Blackboard is used to play games: Playing Games. We can play many different games just using the board. However, games should only be played as warmers, fillers, or lesson ending activities. Here are the examples of games that we can play on the board:  Hangman, ,XO game, Bingo, Snake word game, Pictogram…You can also play word games which are good in vocabulary class.

The teacher and blackboard are the best teaching aids that are available, convenient and popular. You are teachers in near future, so hope you will improve yourselves to become an effective teaching aid.

Thanks for your reading!


12 thoughts on “The most important teaching aids in the classroom: The teacher and the blackboard- Ha Thi Huong

  1. hello, Huong!
    After reading your writing I realize that the teacher and the blackboard are two the most useful tools in teaching students. It is very important in the classroom. This writing makes me to need to change something in my future because I am also a teacher in the near future. I find that being a teacher the blackboard and myself are very necesssary in educating students. I need to maximize the benefits of myself and the blackboard. Besides this, I have to be a good controller, source, storyteller, singer, model…It means that I must be good at everything. for example when I teach my students I have to know how to control the class, In addition, I should use songs to teach my students, which not only helps students to learn but also makes them funny and interesting.. Besides myself, the blackboard also plays an important role in the classroom. thanks to your writing I find that The blackboard is the place where I can organize the activities, write important points and do many other things. However I think you should write a little about the way teacher uses herself and the blackboard Thank you very much for your writing. It helps me a lot.

  2. Thank you very much. This is my first time to know that a teacher is a teaching aid. I attended teacher college but was not taught me . I’m glad I read from this web site .

  3. This is a very important matter please answer : I am Rajeeb Shee, an asst. English teacher in a Govt. School in Howrah, West Bengal, India. Recently I started a topic “Thought of the Day” on the upper part of the black board taking only 3 inches of space. There we write small inspiring sentences for students to learn. I change the sentences every day in different classes. I know there is a rule that a teacher has to rub & clear the board at the end of the class but Is this wrong to keep the sentences on the board for that perticular day? Am I offending the teaching aid rules this way? ( in this case studens love the sentences & they appreciate the effort)

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