chalkboard Teaching aids are important in how well  a student can learn. Teaching aids help Ss to  learn and understand materials faster and  better. Some of these aids consists of visual  aids, audio, blackboard, chalk, chalkboard,  poster, picture, student and teacher, etc.

In my opinion, firstly, a wonderful  teaching tool that is multifunctional than the  others is teacher. This tool is convenient,  portable, uses no electricity, can be used  effectively in light or dark and is available all the time. Teacher will follow some steps to involve their Ss in classroom such as use body language, movement, eye contact, gesture, facial expression, speech, etc. Therefore, there are many ways to teach in classroom using teacher as a main teaching aid.

  • Teacher as a model in classroom: teacher use their body to do like a character in any story or they can make sample for their Ss to follow
  • Teacher as a narrator: teacher retells a story for Ss
  • Teacher as a singer: teacher sing the song in singing lesson or sing when they want to create exciting atmosphere
  • Teacher as a presenter: teacher introduce the lesson and lead the Ss on each activity charismatically and clearly
  • Teacher as a dancer: dancing maybe the most difficult but interesting activity in the classroom.
  • Teacher as a mother: the class is where not only learning activities but also Ss emotional care activities occurs. The teacher – a mirror has the role of work-ethics for Ss besides teaching them new lesson around their life
  • Teacher as a friend: to have a successful lesson, teacher needs to be Ss friend that help he close to his Ss. This connection will be a convenient environment for Ss to accept the new knowledge.
  • Teacher as a role-player: teacher can participate in some role play and the S will act other one

Secondly, I want to mention to another tool of teaching activity is chalkboard. Chalkboard is a smooth hard panel, usually black or green. More simply, they are generally a black or a white board and are used to write something with a piece of chalk. They are mainly used for teaching purposes in educational institutions. A chalkboard includes a large writing area, a writing substance and an eraser. There are some ways to use chalkboard as a teaching aid:

  • Chalkboard is the most available instructional material which can be used in presenting new lesson
  • Chalkboard is very useful to show solutions of the different mathematical problems systematically
  • The chalkboard helps T to present more formally prepared lessons or informal sessions that Ss can understand follow more topic
  • The T uses the chalkboard to write the important information about the topic. So that lesson’s ideas can be clear from facts to concepts, from cognitive to affective learning
  • T can use various color chalk or pen to draw on the chalkboard to develop the topic, show part or build association
  • T can use chalkboard to draw or illustrate a point-by-point outline of a lesson by a diagram, chart, etc.
  • Chalkboard can improve Ss’ thinking ability by direct attention on the chalkboard or visualize their own ideas
  • Chalkboard can be use to list the ideas or topic suggested in discussion. T can add, delete or put them in final form
  • Chalkboard can be used to helps Ss practice their work at one time and get feedback immediately by T and other Ss
  • The Ss can use mini-chalkboard combines with looking at teacher and give their own answers




  1. Hi, Thoa
    I am Nhu. The first thing I want to say is that Thanks for your sharing. Your writing is good and useful. I think that I can get a lot of helpful information from your writing. You show roles of the teacher as well as uses of chalkboard in teaching. I agree with you. I like your writing, but I think it is better if you could add some sentences that emphasize importance of teaching method. Because to use the teacher and chalkboard as teaching aids well, it is necessary to have good method of teaching.


  2. Hello!
    I am Luong. Thank you for your sharing! As you know, in our country, teacher and chalkboard are 2 main symbols of education. Your writing gives important roles of the teacher and the chalkboard, and after reading your sharing, i really understand that we are using our chalkboard and ourselves as the teaching aids. Using the chalkboard is a normal way but it’s very effective. That is a small space but teacher can design many activities for children on it. Because of lacking many equipment to use for teaching English in the class, teacher should take full advantages of chalkboard to make the lesson successfully. One more thing, it’s ourselves that we should improve and change everyday to have good way to design activities for children so as to help children get the objectives of the lesson.

  3. very useful i am a student teacher and post has helped me to answer one of my assignments sign in education media technology

  4. I’m interested with your writing….. Thou I will be more grateful when you share out the chalkboard layout….. Hoping to be among the beneficiaries of your article

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