The useful teaching aids: chalkboard and teacher. [Nguyen Van Dung]

Materials is the most important in Teaching English for younger learner. There are  many materials which support the teacher in teaching process such as: blackboard, chart, projector, speaker…..Specially, both teacher and students are also effective materials.

As we know the main function of the blackboard is used to show or write the content of the lesson. Furthermore, Teacher uses the blackboard to play a game such as: clap board, show the pictures which are painted by students. Students can paint the pictures on the board directly.

Projector is also effectively material which support the teacher. May be, teacher are waste time for preparation the lesson by projector but teacher are free in teaching process, teacher can show many alive pictures about the lesson. In addition, teacher can insert many video which related the lesson on the projector. Students are easy to understand the lesson…

Teacher is also a material in the classroom. In order to convey the information the students. teacher can use body languages, eye contact, sing or dance….for example: Teaching vocabulary about the human body such as: head, lips, nose, eyes, mouth….teacher will express the part of the body and students look at the teacher and they can  guess the meaning of the words.

There are many materials which are used in teaching english for  younger learner. Teacher is a important person in materials choice. which is suitable or which is not suitable for students?.Using materials flexible is a important skill for each teacher in teaching process.


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