Using pictures in teaching English

In classroom, besides teacher and student, to have a good lesson, we have to help of teaching aids. It is really amazing tool to help enhance students learning Nowadays, with a high technology, SS can have a active lesson. However, chalk board using picture to teach English for children may be useful.

Pictures are inexpensive, even be free. Finding pictures is very simple and does not take a lot of time. Pictures come from many sources: magazines, newspapers, posters, search engines, to name a few. Since many pictures are available from so many sources, it takes very little time for teachers to choose and prepare the lesson. Furthermore, Picture can be kept for long time generations to generations . Pictures can stimulate and motivate students to be come more express themselves. They can be used in warm-up activities by picture related to the main idea of the lesson, guess the content of lesson. Pictures can be use individual or group to introduction, summarize at unit and enriched reading and can help clarify misunderstanding . Picture can use in teach skill . In Vocabulary Building or Review , T can explain the vocabulary by picture to students understand easily. It means that using picture will make the children easier to remember and understand the new vocabulary that they get. In Listening, The teacher then asks the students to draw a picture according to what they hear. An alternative would be to ask two students to draw on the board. In Reading , SS can arrange pictures follow the content of the text . In Speaking, The teacher asks a few students to look at their own pictures and retell the story. In Writing, when T required SS write a story, T can give some picture relate to content of stories to SS can imagine. Black board is also main tool in teaching. Board is where teacher give information of lesson. Chalkboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man, .. A chalkboard can be a stage ,It can be used to perform dancing and singing.

There are my idea in using picture and chalkboard in teaching . Depending on the goals of the lesson, a teacher can manipulate the use of pictures and chalkboard in many different ways. For these reasons, they do play a vital role in teaching and should never be forgotten.


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